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Want a clean and green commercial landscape all year long?

I believe that Synthetic Grass Pros has the best and most effective water conservation and low maintenance artificial grass for commercial use on the market today. If you are like so many others who are looking for effective alternates to regular grass for commercial areas, then Synthetic Grass Pros has the artificial grass system that […]

Do you have dead zones in your yard?

So many homeowners experience a yard that slowly turns a crispy brown during the summer and fall months. Too much shade, too much water and poor maintenance could be some of the reasons. I think the reason for the yard problems is shade. Trees want direct sun and grass also wants direct sun. Apparently tree […]

Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial grass products are not only realistic, but they are made from premium materials to ensure the longevity of your lawn, playground or putting green

Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial grass has set a standard of quality and service in the industry for decades and have a continued commitment of quality service to all of their customers. Their artificial grass is not the flimsy ‘fake grass” of years gone by. The technological advancements that have been made in the industry have […]

Do you have troubled areas in your yard?

Many athletes, homeowners and commercial property owners have big issues with their natural grass. They realize that many areas just can’t withstand their day-to-day traffic. This is especially a problem with school playgrounds and any area where athletes depend on strong, long-lasting grass. The need for an alternative to natural grass became evident. Organic surfaces […]

Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial turf saves you the hassle and expense of lawn maintenance so you can relax and enjoy a great looking yard all year long.

You may have been to a ballpark or golf course using artificial turf and wondered how you could have such a neat luxurious landscape in your yard. Well, Synthetic Grass Pros can help you make your dream of a beautiful lawn become a reality. Residential artificial turf is extremely pleasing to the eye and can […]

Did you know that Synthetic Grass Pros is one of the country’s best artificial grass choices for your landscapes?

They also have health and safety advantages for people, pets and playgrounds. With the artificial turf from Synthetic Grass you can always count on a more lush-looking, longer-lasting area – including putting greens. Actually, their artificial turf is just about the only turf you may ever need. And another benefit is that their turf helps […]

What Exactly is Artificial Grass?

More homeowners are saving time, water — and their backs — by switching from real grass to artificial grass. Artificial grass consists of filaments threaded into a backing that lets water run through. The backing is laid on a drainage layer, which is usually compacted gravel that is placed along the artificial turf’s perimeter. Synthetic […]