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How can you have beautiful grass all year long?

Recently I attended a sports competition at a nearby park and noticed how beautiful the grass was. It was perfectly groomed, lush and didn’t seem to have any problem with the many athletes and others walking on the surface. I wondered how I could also have such a beautiful yard at home? I discovered that […]

Looking for the best artificial grass company?

There is a difference between artificial grass companies. Synthetic Grass Pros is highly recognized throughout the industry as the best in the business. There are good reasons for that — offering quality products, outstanding service and very competitive prices. You will be so glad you worked with Synthetic Grass Pros because they really are professionals […]

Rain or shine — artificial grass is best for today — and tomorrow

There is a lot of construction in our area, and that means there is a lot of investment used for areas where regular grass should grow. Homes, apartments, shopping areas are taking advantage of the long lasting, affordable artificial grass. (So much better than regular grass.)  Artificial grass not only reduces maintenance and watering costs […]

Want the best? Here’s the solution

The professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros are experts at pleasing and delivering the very best service and product from start to finish. They install the best artificial grass to be found anywhere — and you’ll be very proud of your new backyard where artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is placed. Artificial grass is perfect […]

Tired of tracking mud into your house?

We’ve had a lot of needed rain in our area recently — and that has certainly helped the drought. We’ve also had an increase in muddy shoes tracking into the house, or children and pets not able to play in the wet backyards — with shoes and paws covered with mud.  A visit to Synthetic […]