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Here’s a simple solution to water restrictions

Have you noticed that your yard of regular grass seems to need more water than before during our hot Texas months? If so, you are right.  The average cost of residential water service rose 4 percent last year, according to a recent government survey. Yard watering on average amounts to approximately 30 percent of our […]

You want to make sure that your lawn makes a good impression on visitors by a yard that lookis well-manicured, professional, clean and inviting

Artificial grass can totally change the aesthetic look of your home  or office. And the best professionals are found at Synthetic Grass Pros — they have enhanced countless homes and businesses in our area with beautiful, natural looking and long wearing artificial grass.  Today’s artificial grass is so realistic nobody can tell the difference between […]

How to have a green yard all year long

Many of us are aware that as the weeks pass during this time of year, our lawns remain mostly brown and there seems to be no relief in sight for weeks.   With upcoming Spring, there is watering, maintenance and weeding to get the grass green again.  Is this a real concern? I believe artificial […]

With concern about increased expenses for just about everything, it’s great to learn how we can save on our yard maintenance

The answer is artificial grass. It can save money as well as help the environment because it does not require water, fertilizer or mowing. That’s especially good news if your area experiences a frequent drought, so maintaining a water-thirsty lawn as well as using an ozone polluting gasoline powered lawn mower that can have a […]

For more than a decade, Synthetic Grass Pros has been a leader in providing artificial grass to North Texas

No matter if you desire artificial grass for residential lawns to commercial properties, playgrounds or malls, your best choice is Synthetic Gras Pros. They have become the premier artificial grass company for quality products and first class service.  Artificial grass is incredibly realistic and stays green and lush all year long — regardless of the […]