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Is it a challenge to have a nice yard all year long?

I have always thought that a beautifully groomed yard added so much to any yard. Now that spring is here, we can look forward to our yards turning green again — that is, with a lot of watering and expensive maintenance and work. It really gets to be a time consuming effort keeping the landscape […]

Is our water quality at risk?

I recently read that over the next 20 years the quality of water available to everyone will decrease by about 30 percent. Obviously, we need to protect and conserve this precious resource. About 7.8 billion gallons of water are used every day for outdoor water use — and most of this goes to lawn and […]

There are so many benefits for using artificial grass

Artificial grass enhances any home or commercial area with its year round beauty and little or no maintenance. Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros can go where natural grass just won’t grow, such as in the shade, around bushes or a pool. And its perfect for inside a home or field areas for sports — […]

Many believe that artificial grass is basically designed for yards

It’s true that artificial grass is terrific for any yard — always looking green and lush and saving money on water and maintenance, but artificial grass has dozens of other uses. From backyard putting greens, indoor sports, golf courses to dog runs and pet parks, Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial grass offers incredible durability while requiring […]

North Texas and beyond are still experiencing a severe drought

The continued drought might return the area to water restrictions during the hot summer months. Last year many had limited yard watering rules and even water costs increased. While there remains hope the drought may begin to end in the future — in the meantime commercial property and homeowners want yard areas to stay green […]

Do you remember the flimsy artificial grass from yesteryear?

Those days are gone thanks to Synthetic Grass Pros. Their technological advancements have included offering a variety of artificial grass perfect for custom residential and commercial applications. Their artificial grass is made from premium materials that ensure the longevity of a lawn, playground or putting green. Their artificial grass has set a standard in the […]