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The drought in Texas is growing

  A continuation of the drought means that a price hike is very possible for Texas residences. During the past few years water costs rose more than six percent. The average family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area paid more than about $40 a month increase in water price. Many Dallas/Fort Worth residences can expect to […]

Indoors or outdoors? Where should artificial grass be placed?

Some people think that artificial grass has beneficial uses only in yards — and can’t make anyone’s home, office or place of business so much better. For example: do you think the very last place anyone would have installed artificial grass would be on the roof? Sure — why not?What about artifiicial grass on a […]

It used to be that many thought that artificial grass was only for commercial and sports fields

Artificial grass has come a long way since then — with countless improvements in both appearance and textures. I have learned that technological advancements in manufacturing artificial grass has made it the perfect solution for homes. Quality artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is manufactured to look and feel just like real grass, but without […]

Why is artificial grass becoming more popular across the country?

It’s really easy to see why. One reason is because the reduction of maintenance — no more mowing, watering or hiring maintenance workers — and those reasons alone are great to save money by using artificial grass in yard locations. In the long run, artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros can save thousands of dollars […]

What did they think when artificial grass was installed?

They all were delighted with the beauty and maintenance-free results of their artificial grass installed by Synthetic Grass Pros. They were also very impressed with how realistic the artificial grass is. They are so glad that Synthetic Grass Pros installed and provided the quality and realistic artificial grass for their yards — a great choice […]

There are many areas around our homes and places of business that could greatly benefit with beautiful artificial grass

Not only would such places enhance the beauty of the areas, but they would also increase the value of the places where they are added. The natural beauty of artificial grass has dramatically improved over the years. In fact, most can’t tell the difference between artificial grass and natural grass! Above the obvious benefits of […]