Is there a better time of the year to replace your natural grass with artificial grass?

Anytime of the year is the best time — you really will appreciate artificial grass even more during the winter months. Just look at yards right now — so dead looking with their brown and crispy golden appearance. Why not consider artificial grass? It’s affordable, beautiful and requires no maintenance. Think about those benefits — […]

Did you know that water-saving artificial grass is one of the most effective water conservation products today on the market?

Artificial grass is 100 percent recyclable, reduces carbon emissions and helps to preserve valuable natural water resources. Artificial grass can reduce residential water use by up to 70 percent, and that can save not only water — but money, too. With artificial grass there are no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute water supplies — […]

One of the new year’s resolutions could be to have a beautiful yard all year long

A green yard is not easy during the winter. What is the solution to getting rid of yellow yards? Artificial grass stays green and beautiful all year long. Just imagine no more maintenance, watering, or hiring others to keep the yard in shape during the growing seasons. If you are looking for the very best […]

It’s our change of seasons and you know what that means

Cooler days and a brown lawn. That can really be a problem — we can’t change the weather. But you can control the way your lawn looks even if the weather is really awful. The artificial grass that Synthetic Grass Pros has is terrific for any part of our area — or the country. Its […]

Even though we’ve had a few showers or two recently, our area is still experiencing a drought

Abnormal dryness or drought are currently affecting thousands of people in Texas, which is about 63% of the state’s population. For North and Central Texas, autumn is a wet season between the drier seasons of summer and winter. However, the fall of 2017 was drier than normal, and drought conditions have emerged. So what is […]

Much has changed with artificial grass since it was introduced back in the 60s

Today’s artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is more realistic, durable and longer wearing than ever before. Imagine never having to mow your yard again. Never having to hire expensive maintenance companies, or using harmful chemicals to fight insects and weeds. And you’ll have a beautiful, lush green yard all year long. There are many […]

Have you noticed how attractive a well-groomed yard can greatly enhance a home or place of business?

Of course, a natural grass yard requires a lot of maintenance and attention, especially during the growing seasons. And a nice green yard in the winter months really does make a big difference as well as increases the value of a home or place of business. The yards we have during our cooler weather months […]

If you want to purchase the very best artificial grass, then you should choose Synthetic Grass Pros

Their professionals are committed to providing the most superior products available in the artificial grass industry. They are committed to making customer service number one. They will be happy to visit your home or place of business and suggest the type of long-wearing artificial grass that would be perfect for your areas. Synthetic Grass Pros […]

The drought in Texas is growing

  A continuation of the drought means that a price hike is very possible for Texas residences. During the past few years water costs rose more than six percent. The average family in the Dallas/Fort Worth area paid more than about $40 a month increase in water price. Many Dallas/Fort Worth residences can expect to […]

It’s a great time of the year for gift ideas — how about a beautiful new yard?

Artificial grass is a major home improvement for any location — and a home investment that you and your family will benefit for many years. Who wouldn’t appreciate a beautiful green yard of realistic artificial grass that replaces brownish natural grass? In areas prone to drought conditions such as the DFW Metroplex, artificial grass is […]