Artificial Grass from Synthetic Grass Pros gives teachers, parents, and caregivers’ relief in knowing children playing will have a safe and clean play environment

We have several children in our neighborhood who tell me that one of their friends recently had artificial grass installed.They say their yard seems so much safer during sports — if one of them falls — and that’s because of the padding that is placed under the artificial artificial grass that not only helps to […]

The different styles and colors of artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros will definitely complement and enhance the landscaping features of any property

Artificial grass can be placed in areas where natural grass just won’t grow. Under shaded areas, inside malls, around swimming pools, indoor sport areas — and just about any place where natural grass is difficult to grow.  There is no excuse for having a dull brown grass environment when beautiful, natural looking artificial grass is […]

Is the drought here to stay?

Forecasters with the National Weather Service are predicting a long, hot and dry summer with drought conditions in our area returning rapidly as daily high temperatures hover around 100 degrees and rainfall remains sparse. Not a good prediction for those who have a lawn of natural grass. With water restrictions surely to return shortly, it’s […]

Do you know when artificial grass was first professionally used?

The Astrodome in Houston was one of the first to use artificial grass on its playing field in the early 1960s. Why? Artificial grass stands up to heavy use, such as in sports — and requires no irrigation or trimming. Many of today’s domed, covered and partially covered stadiums use artificial grass because of the […]

More than ever before, existing lawns are being replaced with beautiful artificial grass

There is nothing “artificial looking” with today’s artificial grass. Throughout the years, there have been significant technical improvements of artificial grass, improving its beauty and lush feelilng. In fact, most people today simply can’t believe artificial grass is not natural grass. Regular existing yards can be costly with all of the caring and maintenance that […]

There are many reasons why artificial grass is much better for playgrounds than natural grass

Not only is it allergy free, but it is much safer than natural grass or other playground surfaces such as tanbark or sand. Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros looks terrific, it will continue to have a beautiful appearance for many years.  Artificial grass stands up to rough playing that all playgrounds experience. Money saving […]

How to have a beautiful yard while saving water supplies

I recently read an article in the Dallas Morning News that I believe is important to everyone in the area who is concerned about maintaining a beautiful yard during our hot summer months: Texas’ droughts haven’t slowed down, and neither has the state’s growth. It’s time to take a close look at how much of […]

Summer weather forecast is hot and dry

A local weatherman says we are going to have an unusually dry and hot few weeks ahead — and it doesn’t look much better for the rest of the summer. Natural grass must be watered more often — much of natural grass just can’t thrive in 100 degree weather. There could be water restrictions in […]

And a yard of artificial grass will add value to your home as a homeowner

It’s true, not only will artificial grass save money on watering, but you’ll increase the beauty and value of your area, save on maintenance and the worry of natural grass upkeep during the hot and frequently dry summers in our area.  Just think, you could walk in your own backyard to practice a game of […]

Synthetic Grass Pros commercial and residential lawns remain pristine all year long

I have learned that their artificial grass is built to stay strong and durable in all kinds of weather — and the turf will remain beautiful and in place for many years to  come. They have environmentally safe artificial grass that has been installed in conference center landscaping, retail stores, office landscaping, walkways, playgrounds, residential […]