More and more places of business are discovering the many money-saving advantages of today’s artificial turf

Those places include shopping areas, restaurants, hospitals, office buildings and so many other places. Artificial turf requires little or no maintenance — no more mowing, watering or expensive upkeep. Once installed, it’s long wearing and will withstand heavy traffic areas for many years. That means you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing your natural […]

Maintaining the beauty of your home or commercial yard is an essential part of your investment

I recently read in the Dallas News that state climatologists expect drier conditions in the coming months for the Southwest. This could be bad news for natural grass owners. Despite the rain Texas received in 2015 and 2016, parts of Texas have already slipped back into a drought. Last month, 19 percent of the state […]

Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial turf is made to withstand the elements such as rain, snow and sunlight

Their indoor/outdoor artificial turf is stylish enough to be the focal point of any area, with carpet styles that are perfect for sunrooms, patios and more. You are sure to find one that fits your budget and personality. Eye-catching, natural looking and feeling artificial turf will certainly bring an upscale appearance to your space. Let […]

Here’s where to find artificial turf that’s perfect for pets — and people

For those of you who are responsible for managing a pet facility, then you really should consider having Synthetic Grass Pros install artificial turf. Beautiful artificial turf will improve your operations, save maintenance costs and certainly will please your customers — and dogs. And if you manage an apartment complex, you probably have a pet […]

Here’s the yard maintenance solution

The professional staff at Synthetic Grass Pros can create beautiful lawns and landscapes, develop safe and durable playground surfaces, build turf systems for pets, design and engineer state of the art indoor or outdoor sports fields, athletic facilities and more. In addition, Synthetic Grass Pros is a leader in the indoor sports turf. Across the […]

When you think of the best, think Synthetic Grass Pros

Synthetic Grass Pros has over a decade of experience installing artificial turf for indoor athletic facilities, commercial building landscape projects, playgrounds – and of course, home backyards and lawns. They maintain the highest level of quality, service and support for all indoor and outdoor artificial turf products. Maintaining a natural grass yard is a year […]

Synthetic Grass Pros offers a complete line of high-quality synthetic grass products

Whether you’re interested in incredibly realistic turf grass, putting greens, playgrounds, or even a specially designed turf for dog kennels — they have it for you. Synthetic Grass Pros can transform any yard to a yard that you will be proud of all year long. They remain the industry leader in selection, customer service and […]

Do you want to have a beautiful yard without the usual fuss and expense of keeping it that way all year long?

The answer is easy: have Synthetic Grass Pros install realistic artificial turf. By installing artificial turf in your yard, you eliminate using precious water, harmful chemicals and expensive yard maintenance. Artificial turf eliminates family and pets tracking in mud from the backyard, and artificial turf can be installed in areas where natural grass just won’t […]

Artificial turf from Synthetic Grass Pros is made to withstand the elements outside in the rain, snow, and sunlight

Synthetic Grass Pros offers a complete line of high-quality synthetic lawn products that can withstand just about any weather condition. Whether you’re interested in realistic artificial turf grass, putting greens, playgrounds, or even a specially designed turf for dog kennels – they have it all! Synthetic Grass Pros can transform a tired yard into a […]

Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial turf creates the ultimate landscaping turf for those who desire a perfectly manicured lawn

Artificial turf’s natural looking beauty will compliment any home — and save a considerable amount of money and time with watering and manicuring. What about golfers? Synthetic Grass Pros realistic artificial turf is perfect for backyard putting greens and golf enthusiasts — and brings the opportunity of the game to the golfer’s home. Without a […]