Summer weather forecast is hot and dry

A local weatherman says we are going to have an unusually dry and hot few weeks ahead — and it doesn’t look much better for the rest of the summer. Natural grass must be watered more often — much of natural grass just can’t thrive in 100 degree weather. There could be water restrictions in […]

And a yard of artificial grass will add value to your home as a homeowner

It’s true, not only will artificial grass save money on watering, but you’ll increase the beauty and value of your area, save on maintenance and the worry of natural grass upkeep during the hot and frequently dry summers in our area.  Just think, you could walk in your own backyard to practice a game of […]

Synthetic Grass Pros commercial and residential lawns remain pristine all year long

I have learned that their artificial grass is built to stay strong and durable in all kinds of weather — and the turf will remain beautiful and in place for many years to  come. They have environmentally safe artificial grass that has been installed in conference center landscaping, retail stores, office landscaping, walkways, playgrounds, residential […]

Yard concerns always growing?

Today’s articial grass has been developed to look as lush and beautiful as natural grass. If you have a lawn with regular grass, then you know that a lot of work goes into maintaining the beauty of that yard. Of course, using water is necessary in maintaining that yard — up to 70 percent of […]

I have always been amazed at how natural the artificial grass looks from Synthetic Grass Pros

Not only does their artificial grass look and feel realistic, but it is made from premium material to ensure the longevity of a playground lawn, playground or putting green.  I’ve learned that their products are not only realistic, but they are made from materials that will ensure their longevity for many years. Synthetic Grass Pros […]

One of the many reasons why I like Synthetic Grass Pros is because of their first class service

They offer the finest and longest lasting artificial grass and their professional staff provides clients with careful planning specifically designed for the individual’s area and taste.  With the finest artificial grass product and the best installation team, they have more than a decade of landscaping experience with the utmost precision and care for each project. […]

Drought or not?

Sometimes it is confusing when you are living in our area and want to keep your yard green — is it going to rain frequently or will we have another drought? It is hard to predict, but one thing is for sure, regular yard grass is going to need a lot of watering when temperers […]

Putting greens and playgrounds are perfectly partnered with artificial grass

Wouldn’t it be great if golfers could walk into their backyard and practice at their leisure with a game of golf? With beautiful artificial grass, putting greens from Synthetic Grass Pros will let that be possible, no matter what time of day it is.  You can play a round of golf or work on your […]

Have you ever been to a ballpark and admired the beauty of the grass?

  Their grass always seems to be trimmed and green all year long. Is that impossible for your yard without constant and expensive maintenance? There is a solution to this dilemma — have Synthetic Grass Pros install beautiful, natural looking artificial grass.  Thousands have been enjoying the lush beauty of artificial grass from Synthetic Grass […]

Is it a challenge to have a nice yard all year long?

I have always thought that a beautifully groomed yard added so much to any yard. Now that spring is here, we can look forward to our yards turning green again — that is, with a lot of watering and expensive maintenance and work. It really gets to be a time consuming effort keeping the landscape […]