Basic Maintenance of Artificial Turf

Turf should be rinsed and groomed periodically. The frequency of cleaning should be determined by the activity level. For example, if your turf is subject to animals and pets it should be rinsed more often. The higher traffic areas should also be groomed more often. To properly clean, rinse and use a stiff bristled broom […]

How to Build an Indoor Dog Potty

As a follow up to our last post, here is a quick primer on how to build an indoor dog potty using commonly found materials. For this project, you will need: Wire mesh with a grid of less than 1/2-inch openings A plastic cat litter pan with a removable cover and lipped edge Wire cutters […]

The Dog Potty

We saw these commercially made dog toilets on line and in a store recently.  Great idea.  What we liked was that the central component was artificial turf. These “dog potties” are great ideas for: Apartment dwellers Owners of multiple dogs House-bound dogs Dog caretakers and doggie daycares Veterinarians having to have an isolation option While […]

Water Conservation

One of the biggest advantages to using artificial turf in your landscape plan is that water conservation is really a built-in attribute. Water conservation and fake grass are a natural pairing. Not only do you save the water you don’t have to sprinkle on the lawn to make it grow and thrive, you can also […]


Time.  We spend it, save it, wish for more and try to control it. Think of all the things that take time in your busy life. How about mowing and caring for a lawn? If you had artificial turf, you could save lots of time.  For instance: No time mowing or trimming. Less time watering […]

How to use artificial turf in a residential landscape plan

There are a number of ways you can include artificial turf in your landscaping around your home.  For example: Shaded lawn areas.  Many types of real turf don’t do well in full shade and consequently become rocky or show bare patches. Perimeter areas.  To add accent to a large lawn or give a green touch […]

Another reason to have an artificial turf lawn

We’ve cited a number of reasons for having artificial turf as a part of your landscape plan.  Besides the water use and elimination of chemicals, add this one to your list: Lawn mower pollution. Seriously, gas-powered lawn mowers reportedly account for 5 percent of the air pollution in the United States.  Consider that running your […]

Other Uses for Synthetic Turf

And you thought it was just for your lawn?  Actually, there are a number of other uses for synthetic grass.  We have customers who use it in these different applications: A photo studio.  It brings a different feeling to the usually gray walls of a studio.  It also serves as a great prop. Dog mats. […]

Vet Clinics and Artificial Turf

More and more veterinarians are including artificial turf as a part of their clienic space.  Whether it is as the landscaping out front or the dog runs inside for the patients or boarders, fake grass has made its way into the world of vet clinics. Some of the advantages: More comfortable than concrete dog runs. […]

Revisiting the Backyard Dog Run

As the weather turns cooler and maybe a bit wetter, be thinking about that backyard you share with your pet. Could Fido or Fifi use a clean, mudless space of their very own? Consider a backyard dog run with a ground cover of artificial turf.  It is: Easy to clean Reasonable to buy and have […]