Revisiting the Backyard Dog Run

As the weather turns cooler and maybe a bit wetter, be thinking about that backyard you share with your pet. Could Fido or Fifi use a clean, mudless space of their very own? Consider a backyard dog run with a ground cover of artificial turf.  It is: Easy to clean Reasonable to buy and have […]

The Backyard Putting Green

This comes under the heading of “why didn’t I have one of these sooner?” A putting green in the backyard serves several ideas: If you love golf, here’s a way for you to work on your short game without messing up the carpet The backyard has a place that grass won’t grow and isn’t being […]

Playgrounds and Synthetic Turf

Playgrounds are a natural for synthetic turf. Saving time, safety and ease of installation are but a few of the reasons you want to include fake grass into your playground or play set installation plan. Working fake grass into a playground plan is a good move because: The play area can be used immediately without […]

Lawn Chemicals and Artificial Turf

Let’s talk about lawn chemicals.  In order to keep you real grass lawn green and healthy, you are most likely relying on a number of lawn chemicals. This industry has come under scrutiny in recent years because of the concern for ground water and natural resources. When lawn chemicals run off the lawn they potentially […]

Who Runs This Place: Kimberly Van Buren

Kimberly Van Buren knows fake grass. She also knows how to network. “When I was first out trying to promote Synthetic Grass Pros, “Kimberly told us recently,” I found myself becoming a ‘chamber maid’. I went from chamber of commerce to chamber of commerce telling our story and connecting with people, ” Kimberly continued. It […]

LEED and Artificial Turf Clarified

A recent post talked about LEED certification. To clarify, artificial turf materials can’t be certified–but the people who install it can be. So, look for the dealer or installed with the LEED certification logo.  It means that they are accredited and qualified to consult. However, the products they represent can earn points for being made […]

MLB and Artificial Turf

With the Major League Baseball Playoffs in full swing, the subject of artificial turf comes up. Except not in Minnesota, but in Tampa Bay.  With domed stadiums being fewer in MLB, the use of fake grass is down.  However, The Trop (Tropicana Field) as it is known still utilizes the artificial stuff. Must work–the team […]

More About Golf and Artificial Turf

We can’t emphasize enough the tie between artificial turf and the game of golf.  From water conservation to lowered maintenance costs, golf has gained a lot from being tied to fake grass–and fake grass owes a lot to the game. Consider these facts: Backyard putting greens are more popular than ever. More golf courses and […]

What is LEED Certification?

LEED Certification means that products have been certified as “green” (environmentally friendly) by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a program developed and implemented by the U.S. Green Building Council. What does this have to do with artificial turf? Since artificial turf is a building material rather than a natural product, it falls in […]

The Color of Turf

Ok, so you won’t want a blue lawn (unless you are a Boise State fan), but it is nice to know that artificial turf has options. The accompanying photos shows the variety of colors that are typically used on sports fields. The turf is pre-dyed before it is assembled and it comes in rolls just […]