The game of golf and artificial turf

Did you know that some of that green grass you see at your favorite golf course and driving range is artificial? Really. For example, the tee boxes at several local North Texas country clubs are fake grass.  Well, let’s be more elegant: artificial turfgrass.  They have helped do the following: Last longer than traditional turf […]


Reclaiming an area with artificial turf

Have you looked around your home, office or school and seen unused space in the yard or around the outside of the buildings? Maybe you should consider a reclamation project. “We recently completed a project that did just that,” Tim Dvorak said. “A local private high school came to us and needed an unused courtyard […]

Consider a putting green

Really, if you are an avid golfer and your short game is in need of help, why not have a putting green installed in your yard? It isn’t all that much of an extravagance.  For about the price of a year’s worth of greens fees you could have a crisp, clean, useful putting surface at […]

I am a rock…..

But not an island.  Among the layers of a good artificial turf installation is crushed granite.  The crushed rock allows for sure footing and a solid base, while also giving good drainage.  The combination of all of those features makes sure your artificial turf installation will be a long-time part of your landscaping. As we’ve […]

Drainage and Artificial Turf

Choosing to use artificial turf as a part of your landscape plan has many positive aspects.  Beside the long-term low maintenance, it is also a way to improve drainage. The layers beneath the turf installation are usually configured to allow water to leach down unimpeded. The backing of the turf itself allows for drainage below […]

Out with the old….

When installing artificial turf, you have to start somewhere.  As with a general contractor who has to perform demolition on a store space, so we, as turf installers, have to get rid of the old, live turf. We do this with a combination of tools, starting with a turf cutter.  This oversized, gas-powered “turf knife” […]

Building a Dog Run

Here is a simple recipe for a dog run.  Where it talks about the surfaces to use, consider artificial turf. “Fake grass” will survive, it won’t “rut” and it can be cleaned easily without giving Fido muddy paws.  The advantages of Artificial turf are a long list, about as long as the life of […]

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’……

When your artificial turf is installed, the contractor puts down layers of materials to give the turf a good base.  Crushed granite, sand and sheets of liner material make up these layers. And each one has to be compacted.  That’s where the rollers and compactors come in. If you don’t have the opportunity to go […]

The backing

When choosing a turf product, be sure to turn it over and look at the backing. Is it porous to allow for drainage? Is the turf afixed solidly to it? Is the surface adequate to be glued/attached to the ground? Is it thin enough to be staked? The whole composition of the product is important […]

Playgrounds and Artificial Turf

As more and more playgrounds are built, many of them use artificial turf as the ground covering.  This does several things: Provides a clean surface that isn’t muddy Reduces stains to clothing Cushions falls Is visually pleasing Many city and private installations are incorporating artificial turf for these and many more reasons. The next time […]