Have you ever been at a park or sporting event and wondered how they were able to keep their grass so green?

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A green lawn certainly adds beauty to any area — whether a sports field, commercial property or a home lawn. But it’s so difficult to keep a yard green and lush with the burning summer heat unless you frequently water and have a maintenance staff who continually monitor the yard’s health.

Of course, water restrictions can also be a problem— limiting the time that you can water your thirsty grass.

I believe you should think about artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros — the industry’s leader of quality and service. The benefits are many for both you and the environment with artificial grass. And the use of artificial grass can also increase property value because lt is basically permanent, environmentally friendly and always realistic.

Artificial grass is remarkable beautiful — very pleasing to the eye and adds a great touch of luxury to any landscape property — and looks and feels wonderful all year round.

Where can you find the best artificial grass professionals? Synthetic Grass Pros always is first class and provides with the highest quality of service found anywhere. They offer many different styles and colors that will suit your taste and will complement and greatly enhance the existing landscape features of your property. Call them and find out why they are the best! The Grass Queen

Sometimes I am asked about the services from Synthetic Grass Pros and their products

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I’m happy to reply and always impressed when I tell them. Not only do they offer the best products and services in the industry, but you can find out a lot about them by exploring their internet site as you have here.Without a doubt, Synthetic Gras Pros is one of the most outstanding recognized artificial grass companies to be found anywhere in the country.

Synthetic Grass Pros has with widest selection of artificial grass available in the Southwest, and are the perfect stop to find artificial grass for any of your needs.. Besides having the greatest product, they also have terrific installation services with professional emplouyees who will greatly enhance your indoor or outdoor landscaple with beautiful, natural looking artificial grass.

They have a choice of selections that will blend beautifully with any landscape.

Whether it’s homeowners or businesses, Synthetic Grass Pros has the right product for you. Theiir selection of artificial grass is amazing — believe me, they have countless satisfied customers throughout the Southwest who highly recommend their services. Their work is totally guaranteed with 100 percent of customer satisfaction. The Grass Queen

Many believe that artificial grass is basically designed for yards

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It’s true that artificial grass is terrific for any yard — always looking green and lush and saving money on water and maintenance, but artificial grass has dozens of other uses.

From backyard putting greens, indoor sports, golf courses to dog runs and pet parks, Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial grass offers incredible durability while requiring little to nothing from you in terms of maintenance.

Artificial grass is one of most effective water conservation products available today. Overall, artificial grass reduces residential water use by up to 70 percent. Besides conserving valuable water resources, artificial grass is 100 percent recyclable and greatly reduces carbon emissions.

Have you seen one of the areas that have been installed by Synthetic Grass Pros? Give them a call and they’ll be glad to show you several examples. Their areas look and feel as perfect as natural grass — and the financial and environmental benefits really add up to the years of enjoyment you’ll receive from artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. Give them a call. The Grass Queen

North Texas and beyond are still experiencing a severe drought

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The continued drought might return the area to water restrictions during the hot summer months. Last year many had limited yard watering rules and even water costs increased. While there remains hope the drought may begin to end in the future — in the meantime commercial property and homeowners want yard areas to stay green and lush during the hot, dry summer months.

More than 40 percent of Texas is now in moderate to severe drought, according to the latest data from the U. S. Drought Monitor. And dry conditions are expected to be worse over the coming months.

Drought conditions are especially bad in North Texas and that includes the Panhandle, where 26 counties of the region are in severe to extreme drought. More than a third of Texas counties currently have outdoor fire restrictions, too.

A great way to eliminate this situation is to have beautiful, natural look artificial grass installed from Synthetic Grass Pros. Just think about it — no more watering or having to follow yard watering restrictions — just a beautiful yard for everyone to enjoy year round for many years.

Do yourself — and the environment — a favor and consider having beautiful, natural looking artificial grass installed in your areas from Synthetic Grass Pros. You’ll appreciate their professional service as they work with you to show you the many choices of today’s artificial grass. Not only will your yard remain green all year long, but you’ll save money and help keep precious water supplies available for everyone. The Grass Queen

Do you remember the flimsy artificial grass from yesteryear?

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Those days are gone thanks to Synthetic Grass Pros. Their technological advancements have included offering a variety of artificial grass perfect for custom residential and commercial applications. Their artificial grass is made from premium materials that ensure the longevity of a lawn, playground or putting green.

Their artificial grass has set a standard in the industry and continues to improve due to their commitment to research and development.

Artificial grass can be seen in lawns, putting greens, malls — to dog parks and pet runs. To date, there are more than 11,000 baseball, football, soccer, and various other fields that feature artificial grass on the ground.

Artificial grass can withstand harsh weather and heavy foot traffic for many years of use. Using artificial grass will save you money on watering and yard maintenance — and overall lower your carbon footprint.

Synthetic Grass Pros has the best artificial grass you will find anywhere. You will be so glad you visited them and saw the many affordable varieties they offer. I think you should give the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros a call — you’ll be glad you did. The Grass Queen

Is there a better time of the year to replace your natural grass with artificial grass?

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Anytime of the year is the best time — you really will appreciate artificial grass even more during the winter months. Just look at yards right now — so dead looking with their brown and crispy golden appearance. Why not consider artificial grass? It’s affordable, beautiful and requires no maintenance. Think about those benefits — especially when you consider you can have a green lawn all year long.

Have you been looking to resolve your lawn problems? Can’t get natural grass to grow in many areas of your yard? Or your dogs tracking in mud and digging in the yard? Tired of paying for costly mow and yard maintenance services?

Do you spend your summer and spring weekends working in the yard?

Professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros will help design your backyard, tennis court or a backyard basketball court by using affordable, beautiful artificial grass. They have many years of professional experience transforming unusable spaces into great areas for everyone to enjoy.

Synthetic Grass Pros specializes in the installation and application of artificial landscapes for residential homes, commercial areas and so much more. Their professionals continue to improve their turf products and applications to ensure that all customers know their products look and feel as natural as possible — with many years of use. Their professionals have expertise that is unmatched in the artificial grass industry and stand behind every product they produce.

It really does not determine the time of the year when artificial grass is perfect to install — I believe this is the best time of the year! The Grass Queen

Did you know that water-saving artificial grass is one of the most effective water conservation products today on the market?

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Artificial grass is 100 percent recyclable, reduces carbon emissions and helps to preserve valuable natural water resources. Artificial grass can reduce residential water use by up to 70 percent, and that can save not only water — but money, too. With artificial grass there are no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers that pollute water supplies — and no carbon emissions from lawn mowers.

Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is perfect for an outdoor putting green. Next to a pool it is a great addition to any backyard. Having landscape that requires no time to maintain allows everyone to take full advantage of the down time. Artificial grass is also great for indoor putting greens, too.

In addition to golf and putting greens, Synthetic Grass Pros’ artificial grass is perfect for driving ranges, commercial landscapes, residential lawns, athletic and recreation fields and playgrounds.

Synthetic Grass Pros has maintained for many years the number one choice for customer satisfaction and price.

Do you need a comfortable ourtdoor place for your dog to play? For pets, there are specially designed artificial grasses that are especially designed to not harm dog’s paws. Rain or shine, artficial grass will remain playable and strong for many years — especially with backyard dogs or other animals.

More than ever before, residential and commercial owners are finding artificial grass is the solution to landscape challenges. A welcome visit to Synthetic Grass Pros will show you the many uses for today’s artificial grass. The Grass Queen

One of the new year’s resolutions could be to have a beautiful yard all year long

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A green yard is not easy during the winter. What is the solution to getting rid of yellow yards? Artificial grass stays green and beautiful all year long. Just imagine no more maintenance, watering, or hiring others to keep the yard in shape during the growing seasons.

If you are looking for the very best artificial grass you should turn to Synthetic Grass Pros. Their team of professionals have many years of experience installing artificial grass in residential, business and commercial areas.

With artificial grass there is no use of potentially harmful chemicals. That helps keep rivers and streams less poluted and our air much fresher.

Synthetic Grass Pros has the best choice of artificial grass to be found anywhere. Their line of products provides remarkable realism, durability, and an industry-leading warranty.

You can trust Synthetic Grass Pros’ professionals to design and build tennis & sport courts as well as areas for pool decks, driveways and patios. What about pets? An outdoor solution for multiple types of pets — the turf is easy to clean, non-absorbent and drains easily and quickly. The infill used with their turf controls and prevents pet waste odors, too. Their products are found in many pet resorts, pet hotels and dog parks.

Give the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many possibilities of using artificial grass. That’s one resolution you will keep. The Grass Queen

It’s our change of seasons and you know what that means

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Cooler days and a brown lawn. That can really be a problem — we can’t change the weather. But you can control the way your lawn looks even if the weather is really awful.

The artificial grass that Synthetic Grass Pros has is terrific for any part of our area — or the country. Its beauty and lushness look as real as any natural grass to be found anywhere.

So how do you determine the perfect artificial grass for your area?

Then you should call the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros. Their professionals will visit your area and determine exactly what you need — and offer you suggestions on what would be best for you.

Synthetic Grass Pros take tremendous pride offering top-rated artificial grass that exceeds industry standards. They are dedicated to help you maximize your yard usage for pets, children and sports gatherings. Call the Grass Queen as Synthetic Grass Pros today for an appointment.

Even though we’ve had a few showers or two recently, our area is still experiencing a drought

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Abnormal dryness or drought are currently affecting thousands of people in Texas, which is about 63% of the state’s population. For North and Central Texas, autumn is a wet season between the drier seasons of summer and winter. However, the fall of 2017 was drier than normal, and drought conditions have emerged.

So what is a natural grass owner to do? We all know we still have to water our lawns even during the winter, but with a drought and little rain, we need to make sure our lawns are watered enough. Will their be water restrictions this summer? Will water costs increase?

The answer for many home and commercial owners is artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. Not only does their artificial grass remain beautiful, lush and green all year long, but you eliminate the troublesome and expense of maintaining a yard. Just think — no more watering yards, no more mowing or hiring an outside maintenance company to take care of your yard. Your neighbors and friends will surely be pleased to see how nice and well kept your yard is all year long.

I believe you should give a call to the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the wide variety of affordable and beautiful artificial grass that is available today. You will surely be glad you did. The Grass Queen.