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There really is a big difference between artificial grass companies. At Synthetic Grass Pros, their quality work is fully guaranteed — and customer satisfaction as their utmost priority. 

They have a staff of experienced professionals to answer questions and assist in their showroom.

This is an important time to consider having artificial grass replace your regular grass. Why? Water is becoming more expensive and more precious as our population rapidly expands every year.

Our area is experiencing an extreme drought with little chance of significant rain in the near future. Everybody is wishing we could get a few days of solid rain. I hope we will soon — just hope it doesn’t come at one time and wash away top soil. 

What does a drought have to do with artificial grass? For those of us who have replaced our natural grass with artificial grass, we really don’t have to get concerned about rain for our grass. Artificial grass remains green, lush and wonderful all year long — and certainly compliments the beauty of our homes. For businesses, it adds so much when they have rich, beautiful grass surrounding their business or mall instead of thirsty, browning natural grass that does not survive very well with hot summer temperatures. 

Give Synthetic Grass Pros a call today and discover the difference when you are working with skilled professionals, competitive prices and top quality materials. The Grass Queen

Those of you who have regular grass around their yard or place of business, spend a great deal of time watching the weather reports

Will it be hot? Dry? Drought? Or storming?

That’s so true here in Texas when we frequently have days over a 100 degrees and with no rain in sight. Many areas of the state have limited watering to only a couple of days a week. Yard owners have noticed that they need more days to water their grass — and have also seen their water bill increase. 

It’s can be an endless time for those of us who enjoy all year long beautiful, green grass in our yards or place of business. 

There is a simple solution that is so popular — and that’s having regular grass replaced with artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. Their artificial grass is beautiful, natural looking, stays lush, and does not require the headache of regular maintenance to keep it that way. Regardless of the weather or season, artificial grass is a welcome sight for any home owner or commercial business — all year long. 

Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros not only provides a beautiful solution to lawn issues, but for golfers, for example, offers the opportunity of having a putting green right in their own backyard. 

Beautiful artificial grass adds a wonderful focal point to any backyard, and affords the opportunity of getting some much needed relaxation after a hard day’s work in the convenience of your own garden — and not worry or pay for expensive yard maintenance. 

Affordable artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros pays for itself in no time at all — and continues to save the owner money and time year after year. Synthetic Grass Pros professionals will be happy to work with you on exactly what you need or want for your yard — they are recognized with many years of experienced staff that believes customer happiness is a priority. Give them a call today and let them show you why you’ll be happy with the green and beautiful yard you’ll have all year long. The Grass Queen

Dry conditions are expected to worsen over the coming months

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With all of the recent heat wave in our area, natural grass is under tremendous stress. Everyone is having to use more water to keep grass green during the heat wave — and that’s not easy when the temperatures are in the 90s and 100s. That’s when natural grass owners should call Synthetic Grass Pros to the rescue and let them install beautiful artficial grass. You won’t have to water artficial grass, and it looks exactly beautiful and lush as natural grass — except there’s no maintenance to worry about. 

According to government sources, now almost 50 percent of Texas deals with a drought that’s still threatening to spread. Water experts are recommending cities implement more comprehensive, permanent water restrictions to avoid the pains that emergency drought restrictions can bring. In fact, a new study by the Texas Living Waters Project, a coalition of several environmental groups, recommends Texas cities limit outdoor watering for residences and businesses to no more than twice per week.

I can’t think of a better time than now to have Synthetic Grass Pros install beautiful artificial grass to replace water-hungry natural grass. 

Another big benefit of artificial grass is that it goes in places where natural grass just won’t grow— such as under trees, around shrubs, by a pool or patio or any other place where artificial grass will enhance the space.

Your home, yard or place of business is a big investment. Artificial grass greatly enhances the beauty of any area with its lush feel, beautiful natural look that compliments any area. Customers, neighbors and others won’t realize that your lush green yard is really artificial grass — and without all of the expense and worry of maintaining regular grass. The Grass Queen


Artificial Grass from Synthetic Grass Pros gives teachers, parents, and caregivers’ relief in knowing children playing will have a safe and clean play environment

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We have several children in our neighborhood who tell me that one of their friends recently had artificial grass installed.They say their yard seems so much safer during sports — if one of them falls — and that’s because of the padding that is placed under the artificial artificial grass that not only helps to absorb falls but aids in the great drainage of artificial grass.

The recycled padded foam base underneath creates for a softer play area and provides quick drainage for rain water.  Thus children will no longer be stuck inside waiting for waterlogged lawns to dry out. As well as caregivers will no longer have to worry about muddy feet.  

Pets also appreciate that they can go out in the back yard after a rain thanks to the drainage from artificial grass’ perfectly installed by Synthetic Grass Pros.

 What I personally like most about artificial grass is how easy it is to take care of. No more watering — and watering can add up to be expensive. Also, we don’t have to worry about maintenance — whether we have it done by ourselves or use an expensive maintenance crew. And that also helps the environment by eliminating exhaust from the gas mowers that pollutes the air — as well as be excessively noisy. And who wants to spend part of their weekend doing yard work?

Artificial grass stays beautiful and lush all year long. No more worrying about areas where natural grass won’t grow, such as under trees and close to the house or building or pools. I’ve even seen artificial grass used inside homes to enhance certain areas, as well in malls — and that really adds beauty to any area. 

I truly believe artificial grass is perfect for so many areas for today’s busy homemakers — and it not only is affordable, but it also stays lush and beautiful for many years. Synthetic  Grass pros will gladly show you the many benefits of artificial grass. Give them a call today and you’ll be glad you did. The Grass Queen

The different styles and colors of artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros will definitely complement and enhance the landscaping features of any property

Perfect Lawn Maintenance

Artificial grass can be placed in areas where natural grass just won’t grow. Under shaded areas, inside malls, around swimming pools, indoor sport areas — and just about any place where natural grass is difficult to grow. 

There is no excuse for having a dull brown grass environment when beautiful, natural looking artificial grass is available and affordable — and it remains green and lush all year long. 

I’ve noticed that several new apartments, restaurants and food courts are using artificial grass to enhance their environment for customers and residences. It sure makes a difference!

 Artificial grass doesn’t require watering or yard maintenance. Customers and home owners truly appreciate the time and money they can save by having artificial grass replace natural grass. And you can always count on the team of professions at Synthetic Grass Pros — a company that is highly recognized throughout the nation for its quality products and outstanding customer service.

The weather in Dallas and the surrounding areas is tough on natural grass. The weather in our area can be unforgiving for a yard — in the summer we have blazing sun, and during other seasons we can have heavy thunderstorms. This all wrecks havoc on any natural grass landscape. Artificial grass is the solution, because it remains green, lush and perfectly beautiful all year long — regardless of the harsh weather. 

With artificial grass one eliminates the possibility of required water restrictions, expensive maintenance, higher water bills — and artificial grass stays beautiful, lush and realistic all year long.

And another advantage of having artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is that a lawn of artificial grass will allow one to entertain outside practically at a moment’s notice. You won’t have to worry if the previous day’s rain has left your lawn soggy or not presentable for others — including playful children and pets. Artificial grass remains beautiful all year long, regardless of the harsh weather. 

And you don’t have to be concern about yard water restrictions, either — artificial grass remains beautiful for many years..

If you are curious about artificial grass, give the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many choices you have with todays affordable and natural looking artificial grass. The Grass Queen

Is the drought here to stay?

Forecasters with the National Weather Service are predicting a long, hot and dry summer with drought conditions in our area returning rapidly as daily high temperatures hover around 100 degrees and rainfall remains sparse.

Not a good prediction for those who have a lawn of natural grass. With water restrictions surely to return shortly, it’s getting more difficult — and expensive — to keep that yard green.

There is a simple sollution to this situation. Have Synthetic Grass Pros install beaultiful, natural looking artificial grass for your landscape. Water saving artificial grass is one of the most effective water conservation methods today.

Synthgetud Grass Pros is a copany you can trust with a team of experienced professionals who have been in gthe business for many yuears. They are recodnized as one of the finest artficial grass companies in the country. They are dedicated to please all of their customers with the highest quality artiaficil gras availble today, and with competitve prices. And their customers are number one — and guarantee that their work will please.

If you have them install a landscape with artificial grass you’ll notice that your water bill will be reduced. Most folks spend about 70 percent of their water bill on landascape watering. That ends with artificial grass. As well as regular yard maintence. Imagine for yourself how much a beautiful, problem free, green landscape would improve your family’s living conditions. You eliminate watering, mowing, fertilizing, chemicals and irrigation repairs. There is no more pet damage, re-seeding, pests, allergies and muddy paw prints…all for a lower overall cost!

Give the professionals at Synthetic FGrass Pros a call and they will gladly show you the many choices of todeay’s beautiful artificila fgrass…..and how it would enhance your landscape for many years. Believe me, it would be one of the best calls you will ever make. The Grass Queen

Do you know when artificial grass was first professionally used?

The Astrodome in Houston was one of the first to use artificial grass on its playing field in the early 1960s.

Why? Artificial grass stands up to heavy use, such as in sports — and requires no irrigation or trimming. Many of today’s domed, covered and partially covered stadiums use artificial grass because of the difficulty of getting regular grass enough sunlight to stay healthy and green. 

Many sport team owners prefer to use artificial grass also because of the reduced maintenance expenses — and it’s realistic beauty that fans appreciate.

Beginning in the early 1990s, the demand for artificial grass went beyond athletic fields to residential and commercial landscaping. 

Synthetic Grass Pros is one of the country’s leading companies for installing artificial grass because of their years of experience, quality products, outstanding service, 100% guarantee, and the their results are truly beautiful and last for many years. 

Have you thought about how often you have your lawn mowed during the growing season, as well as watering, fertilizing and so many other efforts to keep your yard green? Will there be limits to watering this season due to a continued drought in so many areas?

Synthetic Grass Pros’ natural looking artificial grass is also the perfect choice for rough play from children and pets. Even after a heavy rain, because of the outstanding drainage system of artificial grass, the yard can quickly be used — and with no mud tracked into the house.

Artificial grass is the perfect choice for replacing natural grass in today’s world.

Whether it is used for sports, homes, schools, parks or many other areas, today’s artificial grass is affordable, beautiful and long lasting. Give the experienced professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you why artificial grass is more popular than ever. Believe me, you’ll be glad you made the call. The Grass Queen

More than ever before, existing lawns are being replaced with beautiful artificial grass

Money-saving Advantages of Synthetic Grass

There is nothing “artificial looking” with today’s artificial grass. Throughout the years, there have been significant technical improvements of artificial grass, improving its beauty and lush feelilng. In fact, most people today simply can’t believe artificial grass is not natural grass.

Regular existing yards can be costly with all of the caring and maintenance that is required to keep the lawn green. With a lawn of artficial grass, you’ll never have concern about mowing, watering, or feritizing ever again. And with our hot summers and potential droughts, it’s tough to keep any lawn green. That’s why artificial grass is the perfect choice.

And you won’t find a better group of artificial grass professionals than with Synthetic Grass Pros. Their team is committed to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. Their dedicated team will ensure that your project is handled with the utmost care — they will closely work with you to make your ideas a reality. They take great pride in their years of quality customer service and their guaranteed work.

Artificial grass can help the environment because it does not require water, fertilizer or mowing. Artificial grass makes an ideal surface for practicing golf putting techniques and many other outdoor and indoor sports. Today’s artificial grass offers an ideal, safe surface for children to play with friends or pets.

I would recommend you to call Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the great choices you have, and they will visit your area and design a perfect solution to your yard needs. You’ll find that a yard of artificial grass is affordable and will save you a great deal of money — and time. 

You’ll be glad you called them and will be impressed with their friendly and professional service. The Grass Queen


There are many reasons why artificial grass is much better for playgrounds than natural grass

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Not only is it allergy free, but it is much safer than natural grass or other playground surfaces such as tanbark or sand. Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros looks terrific, it will continue to have a beautiful appearance for many years. 

Artificial grass stands up to rough playing that all playgrounds experience.

Money saving benefits from artificial grass compared to regular grass is impressive, too. No more watering, mowing, fertilizing or other maintenance that playgrounds must have and that adds to their expense. I can certainly understand why more people today are choosing artificial grass from Synthetic  Grass Pros for a long-lasting playground that will be enjoyed by many children and adults today and tomorrow.

Besides playgrounds and parks, I have noticed that a lot of commercial properties are installing artificial grass to replace natural grass. Not only are they appreciating the long lasting beauty of artificial grass, but they are saving a considerable amount of money on watering and maintenance.

And another great benefit of artificial grass over natural grass, is the beauty artificial grass adds to a place of business or even offices. Customers and staffs will appreciate the fresh, natural appearance of artificial grass all year long. Synthetic Grass Pros has a variety of selections of artificial  grass and they will be happy to show you —- give them a call. The Grass Queen

How to have a beautiful yard while saving water supplies

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I recently read an article in the Dallas Morning News that I believe is important to everyone in the area who is concerned about maintaining a beautiful yard during our hot summer months:

Texas’ droughts haven’t slowed down, and neither has the state’s growth. It’s time to take a close look at how much of our limited water supply is used on lawns and what we can do about it. Studies have found that homeowners tend to water their lawns two to three times more than they need to.

Sources say that this wasted water could be used to serve current and future North Texans, leaving water in our rivers for fish and wildlife. 

Fortunately, several Texas cities have identified that outdoor lawn watering is a good place to lock in water savings. Dallas, Fort Worth and Frisco are a few of the cities that have adopted water restrictions and schedules to protect and extend our water supplies.

These restrictions have already paid off: Since Dallas introduced its “no more than twice per week” watering regulations in 2012, the city’s water pumping has dropped 13 percent. 

However, are the yards maintaining the beautiful green that all homeowners want for their yards? In most cases, it is not — there are a lot of Texas lawns that are turning brown and crispy — and there doesn’t seem to be an answer to this dilemma.

A solution for homeowners is to have Synthetic Grass Pros install beautiful artificial grass. Not only will artificial grass remain lush and beautiful for many years, but the savings of having artificial grass adds up. Besides saving on your water bill, there is no more regular, expensive frequent yard maintenance. 

Having a yard of artificial grass also has environmental benefits, too. Artificial grass replacing natural grass leaves more fresh water to flow in our rivers and creeks and give life to Texas bays.

There are many more benefits for homeowners, apartments, golf courses, parks and other places to use artificial grass. 

Let the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros show you some of the many benefits you’ll have with beautiful, affordable artificial grass. Think about this: our summers will always be hot, the area’s population continues to rapidly grow, and the demands for water will obviously expand. That’s why I believe artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is the solution to help protect our water supply while having a yard of beautiful, lush artificial grass. Contact the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many other benefits you’ll have with today’s artificial grass. The Grass Queen