A maintenance free yard is one of the many benefits

Easy Care Lawn

I thought you’d like to know that artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros drains freely with absolutely no absorption issues. That means odor won’t be a problem and it even stands up to pets and pet waste. Their artificial grass backing also has an integrated weed barrier which saves you time and money. Over time, synthetic grass from Synthetic Grass Pros can save money in maintenance, water cost and yard repairs.

Water saving artificial turf is one of the most effective water conservation products today. It is 100 percent recyclable, reduces carbon emissions, utilizes waste and preserves valuable water resources. 

With artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros, you get a beautiful  maintenance free lawn that saves you money and also helps with the environment.

Imagine, with artificial grass you an save up to 70 percent or your residential water use, you would have no carbon emissions from lawn equipment, reduces trash landfills by utilizing many items, and no carbon run-off into sewer systems or the ocean.

With artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros, you can keep your residence looking pristine with landscaping that is so much better when compared to regular grass. The Grass Queen

Want “yard freedom” all year long?

Now that seasons are changing from summer to fall, folks who own regular grass are grateful the growing season is almost gone. Unfortunately, the idea that their yard no long needs much care after the summer season in not realistic. In many cases, some mowing will be necessary during the fall and winter months, and some watering will also be needed, too. While regular grass turns mostly brown, certain weeds continue to grow. 

Sadly, the beauty of a green yard disappears many months of the year.

I strongly recommend commercial and homeowners replace there regular grass with beautiful, long lasting and natural looking artificial grass. Not only does artificial grass stay green and compliments any area — there is no need for watering or expensive yard maintenance. Just think: no mowing, no watering, no spraying, and many years of yard enjoyment with family, friends and pets.  

I am so pleased with artificial grass — I no longer have to worry about grass thinning out or dying off during hot or cold weather. I have a beautiful yard all year long, it adds value to my home and everybody can enjoy a yard that doesn’t suffer from browning during the fall and winter months.

Synthetic Grass Pros has a wide selection of artificial grass that will provide, green, realistic artificial grass that definitely compliments any area where it is placed. It’s prefect for those places where regular grass won’t grow, such as under trees, near pool or patio — or even inside. For those who have a deck on a flat roof — nothing compliments that area more than beautiful artificial grass. 

Yes, artificial grass withstands the sun and Texas weather, heavy foot traffic, and there is no expensive grass maintenance.

Synthetic Grass Pros provides unparalleled expertise and the highest quality, natural-looking artificial grass for residential and commercial properties. You can be sure that Synthetic Grass Pros offers resource-saving alternatives to traditional landscaping options. 

I suggest you give them a call let you show you why so many are tuning to using affordable artificial grass as the first landscaping choice in today’s world. The Grass Queen

There are many reasons why I highly recommend Synthetic Grass Pros for all of your artificial grass needs.

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First, they have outstanding products that are guaranteed to last for many years, are realistic and withstand heavy foot traffic. And second, they have the best customer service I have ever imagined. They have the finest reputation in the country for first class customer service to be found anywhere — and will work with you to find the solutions that will to make your area a truly beautiful and special place. 

Whether you need a backyard area for putting, need a green area for your place of business or just  want a yard that will enhance your home or place of business — Synthetic Grass Pros will provide you with a quality product and outstanding service at competitive prices.

About this time of year, I know I was always tired of having to maintain my yard. With the heat and drought, it was a loosing battle. You spend money on taking care of your yard — many homeowners, apartments or shopping areas hire profession maintenance crews and that’s also an added expense. 

Besides, with the Water Conservation Ordinance in Dallas, you have no other choice but to cut down on water consumption —and that certainly doesn’t help keep your yard green.

That’s why having Synthetic Grass Pros replace your grass with artificial grass is the answer— it looks and feels like natural grass, but stays a beautiful green all year long without the necessary maintenance and expense of regular grass. You won’t believe how much money and time will be saved when you replace your yard with artificial grass — and the helpful professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros provide first class service for all of your concerns — and will offer artificial grass that will last for many years.

With Synthetic Grass Pros expertise, you will experience world-class workmanship that is second to none. Whether you want landscaping grass for your residential area or golf greens for a country club, Synthetic Grass Pros will provide outstanding service and guaranteed product that does not fade and can withstand heavy foot traffic.

Imagine how much money you can save for future use if you don’t need to mow your yard and turn on the sprinkler system again.

Call the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many benefits of having beautiful artificial grass installed in your areas. Believe me, you will be glad you did. The Grass Queen

How do you keep a yard green all year long?

Have you ever visited or played on a golf course and wondered just how they keep their grass green? It’s always a surprise when you learn that many courses use artificial grass. Golf course owners save a great deal of money on watering and maintenance — after all, they want their grass to remain beautiful all season long — golfers expect that. With artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pro you’ll get beautiful, green and a perfect surface for golfers — and other sports — no matter what the calendar says.

And artificial grass is perfect for residential areas, too. It’s pleasing to the eye, and artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros adds an effortless touch of luxury to any landscape all year long. Synthetic Grass Pros uses the highest quality materials to create beautiful, durable lawns that last for many years. They have a wide variety of artificial grass styles and colors —there will be several that are perfect for any taste and compliment the existing landscape of any area.

The weather in our area can be unforgiving for any yard. It’s been a very hot and dry summer for us — we are experiencing a serious drought and many areas are limiting watering to only a few hours on two days a week. Besides summer heatwaves, in the spring the weather is volatile, and in the winter there are bouts of freezing rain and storms. These conditions can be a real headache for those of us who want to keep our yards in good condition. 

Regardless of the money and time you spend trying to keep your yard green and lush, it’s just about impossible with the changing weather conditions in our area. 

It’s time you should be thinking about having Synthetic Grass Pros install beautiful artificial grass — and eliminate all of the weather issues you have with keeping your yard beautiful. Artificial grass looks and feels like real grass, there is none of the watering and expensive maintenance that natural grass demands. Just think how much money and time that you will save, and your neighbors and friends can enjoy your beautiful landscape all year long. Give Synthetic Grass Pros a call.

Summer heat means brown grass

Artificual Turf Benefits

With the summer about half over, many have asked themselves how much effort was put into keeping their yard green — especially since our area has had such a tough drought. I’ve noticed that more than usual the yards around my neighborhood, restaurants and other commercial areas just don’t seem as nice as they used too — even with watering twice a week (as the Dallas city has asked), a yard just can’t stay green with a lack of water.

Remember how proud so many used to be with a green lush yard that neighbors and others could enjoy? A thing of the past? No, that’s not going to happen if you contact Synthetic Grass Pros and have them show you the many advantages of having artificial grass installed. Not only does it pay for itself in no time at all, but you’ll be able to enjoy a green yard all year long —regardless of the water shortages.

Don’t let the recent think that the drought is over. Our area is in a severe drought for the first time in many years. Unfortunately, weather experts say that there is no end in sight. That means if one is going to keep their yard and other areas green — one is going to have to use more precocious water. From March until recently, North Texas has suffered through the worst drought since records were kept the worst in about 20 years.

What this means to all of us is that we most conserve our use of water….and since about 70 percent of our water usage is for watering yards and other outside areas — is just makes since that we should have Synthetic Grass Pros replace our natural grass with beautiful, lush artificial grass that stays green all year long regardless of the water shortage. 

This save the environment, and your neighbors and friends will notice how truly beautiful your yard is all year long — and that enhances the value of your home, too. So give the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many advantages and overall savings of artificial grass. You really be glad you did! The Grass Queen

How you keep a green all year long?

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I never realized how much work one has to do to keep a yard of natural grass green all year long. It’s really just about impossible to keep a yard green during the winter months, and as far as summer, with the weather so hot and the drought, it becomes a real challenge to have a green yard. And that goes for commercial areas around restaurants, malls, or other public areas.

Despite recent brief showers, severe drought is likely to linger in our areas for awhile — that means it’s necessary to water our lawns regularly or lose what green they have. 

According to official sources, our area is mired in a severe drought for the first time in many years, and weather experts say there is no end in sight. This is bad news for those who depend on water for keeping yards and other areas green.

According to the U.S. drought monitor, about 80 percent of Texas “absorbs” and 36 percent is in “severe drought.”

A solution to this situation is to have your thirsty natural grass replaced with beautiful, natural looking artificial grass. Not only does it remain green and lush all year long, but there is no watering or yard maintenance to add to a homeowners expense and concerns.

So many people who have natural grass are really irritated having to look after their lawn all summer long. It uses a lot of money  with constant watering and mowing — many hire outside maintenance crews to take care of their yard.

Are you sick and tired of looking after your lawn? Is the constant watering and mowing starting to put a hole on your pocket? Then you need a landscaping solution that will rid you of all these troubles. Besides, with the latest Water Conservation Ordinance in Dallas, you have no other choice but to cut down on water consumption, and going for grass synthetics may just be your most efficient bet. 

Imagine how much money you can save for future use if you don’t have to fuel your lawn mower and turn on the sprinkler again.

The answer to this dilemma is to have Synthetic Grass Pros replace your natural grass with beautiful artificial grass. You’ll immediately see the difference — a beautiful green yard all year long without having to spend money on watering and mowing — and that’s going to be good for our environment too. No more polluting our streams and rivers with chemicals — and it’s going to be major water saving since about 70 percent of water uses are for maintaining a yard.

Call the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many benefits of having artificial grass explore our regular grass. You’ll really be glad you did. The Grass Queen

Synthetic Grass Pros is always there to enhance a yard

There really is a big difference between artificial grass companies. At Synthetic Grass Pros, their quality work is fully guaranteed — and customer satisfaction as their utmost priority. 

They have a staff of experienced professionals to answer questions and assist in their showroom.

This is an important time to consider having artificial grass replace your regular grass. Why? Water is becoming more expensive and more precious as our population rapidly expands every year.

Our area is experiencing an extreme drought with little chance of significant rain in the near future. Everybody is wishing we could get a few days of solid rain. I hope we will soon — just hope it doesn’t come at one time and wash away top soil. 

What does a drought have to do with artificial grass? For those of us who have replaced our natural grass with artificial grass, we really don’t have to get concerned about rain for our grass. Artificial grass remains green, lush and wonderful all year long — and certainly compliments the beauty of our homes. For businesses, it adds so much when they have rich, beautiful grass surrounding their business or mall instead of thirsty, browning natural grass that does not survive very well with hot summer temperatures. 

Give Synthetic Grass Pros a call today and discover the difference when you are working with skilled professionals, competitive prices and top quality materials. The Grass Queen

Those of you who have regular grass around their yard or place of business, spend a great deal of time watching the weather reports

Will it be hot? Dry? Drought? Or storming?

That’s so true here in Texas when we frequently have days over a 100 degrees and with no rain in sight. Many areas of the state have limited watering to only a couple of days a week. Yard owners have noticed that they need more days to water their grass — and have also seen their water bill increase. 

It’s can be an endless time for those of us who enjoy all year long beautiful, green grass in our yards or place of business. 

There is a simple solution that is so popular — and that’s having regular grass replaced with artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. Their artificial grass is beautiful, natural looking, stays lush, and does not require the headache of regular maintenance to keep it that way. Regardless of the weather or season, artificial grass is a welcome sight for any home owner or commercial business — all year long. 

Artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros not only provides a beautiful solution to lawn issues, but for golfers, for example, offers the opportunity of having a putting green right in their own backyard. 

Beautiful artificial grass adds a wonderful focal point to any backyard, and affords the opportunity of getting some much needed relaxation after a hard day’s work in the convenience of your own garden — and not worry or pay for expensive yard maintenance. 

Affordable artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros pays for itself in no time at all — and continues to save the owner money and time year after year. Synthetic Grass Pros professionals will be happy to work with you on exactly what you need or want for your yard — they are recognized with many years of experienced staff that believes customer happiness is a priority. Give them a call today and let them show you why you’ll be happy with the green and beautiful yard you’ll have all year long. The Grass Queen

Dry conditions are expected to worsen over the coming months

Pet Friendly Turf

With all of the recent heat wave in our area, natural grass is under tremendous stress. Everyone is having to use more water to keep grass green during the heat wave — and that’s not easy when the temperatures are in the 90s and 100s. That’s when natural grass owners should call Synthetic Grass Pros to the rescue and let them install beautiful artficial grass. You won’t have to water artficial grass, and it looks exactly beautiful and lush as natural grass — except there’s no maintenance to worry about. 

According to government sources, now almost 50 percent of Texas deals with a drought that’s still threatening to spread. Water experts are recommending cities implement more comprehensive, permanent water restrictions to avoid the pains that emergency drought restrictions can bring. In fact, a new study by the Texas Living Waters Project, a coalition of several environmental groups, recommends Texas cities limit outdoor watering for residences and businesses to no more than twice per week.

I can’t think of a better time than now to have Synthetic Grass Pros install beautiful artificial grass to replace water-hungry natural grass. 

Another big benefit of artificial grass is that it goes in places where natural grass just won’t grow— such as under trees, around shrubs, by a pool or patio or any other place where artificial grass will enhance the space.

Your home, yard or place of business is a big investment. Artificial grass greatly enhances the beauty of any area with its lush feel, beautiful natural look that compliments any area. Customers, neighbors and others won’t realize that your lush green yard is really artificial grass — and without all of the expense and worry of maintaining regular grass. The Grass Queen


Artificial Grass from Synthetic Grass Pros gives teachers, parents, and caregivers’ relief in knowing children playing will have a safe and clean play environment

Playground Turf DFW

We have several children in our neighborhood who tell me that one of their friends recently had artificial grass installed.They say their yard seems so much safer during sports — if one of them falls — and that’s because of the padding that is placed under the artificial artificial grass that not only helps to absorb falls but aids in the great drainage of artificial grass.

The recycled padded foam base underneath creates for a softer play area and provides quick drainage for rain water.  Thus children will no longer be stuck inside waiting for waterlogged lawns to dry out. As well as caregivers will no longer have to worry about muddy feet.  

Pets also appreciate that they can go out in the back yard after a rain thanks to the drainage from artificial grass’ perfectly installed by Synthetic Grass Pros.

 What I personally like most about artificial grass is how easy it is to take care of. No more watering — and watering can add up to be expensive. Also, we don’t have to worry about maintenance — whether we have it done by ourselves or use an expensive maintenance crew. And that also helps the environment by eliminating exhaust from the gas mowers that pollutes the air — as well as be excessively noisy. And who wants to spend part of their weekend doing yard work?

Artificial grass stays beautiful and lush all year long. No more worrying about areas where natural grass won’t grow, such as under trees and close to the house or building or pools. I’ve even seen artificial grass used inside homes to enhance certain areas, as well in malls — and that really adds beauty to any area. 

I truly believe artificial grass is perfect for so many areas for today’s busy homemakers — and it not only is affordable, but it also stays lush and beautiful for many years. Synthetic  Grass pros will gladly show you the many benefits of artificial grass. Give them a call today and you’ll be glad you did. The Grass Queen