A solution to our drought suffering yards

We all know about the severe drought that Texas and much of the Southwest experienced that past year. This year doesn’t look much better. But things are worse than I had imagined after reading the recent 2012 State Water Plan. It states that the population of Texas is “expected to increase 82 percent by 2060, while existing water supplies are expected to decrease by 10 percent.” What this means to us today is that water is going to be more expensive for those of us who want our yards to be beautiful – in fact, there could be permanent water restrictions for many areas of Texas. What I strongly recommend is for everybody who wants their yard to be green even during a severe drought is to consider replacing the natural grass with beautiful, natural looking artificial turf. It’s easy to maintain, stays green all year long, and isn’t affected by the drought. Just call the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many affordable, beautiful choices you’ll have with today’s artificial turf. The Grass Queen