Artificial Turf by the Pool

Now, really, I know winter is approaching.  But as you begin to plan your household budget for 2011, do you have some bucks set aside for those areas around your backyard swimming pool?

Seriously, you can save yourself a lot of trouble and spruce up that are just beyond the pool deck.  If your deck ends and the lawn begins, is that area muddy? Does the family dog swim as well and does he or she drag their wet body across the lawn and create mud?

Here’s the short answer: replace that lawn area with fake grass.  It will do these things for you:

  • Keep an area green that probably turns to mud when water from the pool splashes there or gets dragged there.
  • Reduce the amount of mud dragged either into the pool or into your home.
  • Eliminate having to replace the lawn year after year because of this overabundance of water.

Pool owners are you out there?

The Grass Queen