Better then regular grass? Yes it is!

Several friends of mine have commented about the great job Synthetic Grass Pros did for installing artificial grass in their front and back yard areas. It certainly is a great feeling to know that these areas don’t require the maintenance that regular grass demands — especially now during our hot and dry summer months. No […]

It’s that time again… Texas in the summertime

    So far areas have had several days over 100 degrees and much of the state has often been under a heat alert. Texas summers are brutal for regular grass — it is going to be challenging keeping regular grass green and lush. There is an answer to this situation. Consider replacing your regular […]

Enjoy a beautiful lawn without the work and expense of ongoing maintenance

For areas such as backyard putting greens, artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros is ideal. Golfers will love to own a backyard where they can practice at their own schedule. You will have the freedom to play a round of golf whenever you choose. Artificial grass is highly durable and easy to maintain. Because of […]

Did you know that many areas are using artificial grass more than ever before?

  Synthetic Grass Pros has installed artificial grass for hundreds of lawns, conference center landscaping, retail stores, office landscaping, walkways, playgrounds, and more. I’ve read that today there are more than 11,000 baseball, football, soccer, and various other fields that use artificial grass on the ground. Approximately 1,300 new installations occur annually. Little leaguers all […]

I never get used to the heat and lack of rain during Texas summers

So far, our weather has not been as bad as it has before, but 100 degree weather and drought are on the way. In fact the majority of Texas is currently experiencing a drought that started in October 2010. Most of the state has been under drought conditions for over three years. Texas weather experts […]

How to have a beautiful yard and save money

    It’s a fact — artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros can significantly reduce a water bill and the many other costs of routine yard maintenance including lawn mowers, installing and maintaining sprinkler systems -– no more watering, mowing, fertilizing, sodding under shady areas, and no more mud tracked indoors on rainy days — […]

It is the time of year that I tend to stay inside with the air conditioning.

  Unfortunately, many of us still have to worry about our yards —- which needs to be maintained, especially watering. Lets face it, a first impression is always lasting, and if we have a nicely landscaped yard whether for a home or commercial business, it will certainly add benefits to any visitor. But today, especially […]

There is such a variety of uses for artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros.

For example, artificial grass is perfect for children playgrounds. When installed, it gives teachers, parents and other care givers a relief because a playground with artificial grass has a padded base underneath for a softer play area and that also provides quick drainage. I also like playground artificial grass because children will not be inside […]

Does artificial grass look as real as regular grass?

Artificial grass looks even better because it stays lush and green all year long without the seasonal maintenance and expense. Imagine a beautiful yard 365 days a year without any maintenance or expense! There have been many improvements in the quality of artificial grass over the years. Artificial grass is not really a new product. […]

Summer weather heats up our yards and expensive

Constant work includes yard watering, mowing, weeding and maintenance time and expenses. Seems like yard owners time more weekends working in their yards than ever before. More home and business owners are using artificial grass to replace high price of regular grass. Today’s artificial grass looks and  feels just like regular grass, and completely eliminate […]