Applications for Synthetic Turf: Cleaning up a side yard

When Linne Fitzgerald wanted to clean up the side yard next to her Plano, Texas, home, she turned to synthetic turf. Finding Syntheti Grass Pros after a Google search, she called Synthetic Grass Pros’ Kimberly Van Buren. “She was out within a week and Kim and I immediately clicked,” Linne said.  Kimberly measured and quoted […]

Creating the Backyard Environment with Artificial Turf

Whether you call it artificial turf or fake grass, it is a great accent or even a focal point for your backyard. This is space where you relax and recharge. Why not rely on artificial turf to ease you mind when it comes to maintenance as well as aesthetics. The look, care and combination with […]

Power rakes

This part of our work fascinates me.  Not only dow we use rakes, we use POWER rakes! Tim the Toolman would be revved up over that! We basically use two power rakes: the large unit which is like a snow blower with a stiff brush (for you Southerners, picture a tiller with a brush instead […]

An Ideal Dog Run

When Linne and George Fitzgerald wanted to get a dog, they knew they needed a special place for him adjacent to the house. The side yard was a mess, but was an ideal place to turn into a dog run. Their first call was to a synthetic grass provider. “The space had been a muddy […]

Poolside: Fake Grass

And you thought the only places you could install artificial turf was on the sports filed or under your dog. Well, think again. Putting turf near and around your swimming pool does a lot of good things: Helps drainage. Eliminates mud Is decorative Here’s an example. Try it. The Grass Queen

Sand and Infill

Of all of the elements of the artificial grass install, few are as important or as misunderstood as the application of infill. The infill is the final “part” to be attached to the installation. In most instances it is silica sand poured onto and sifted into the blades of the turf. The silica sand used […]

The Tools of Our Trade

As professional landscapers using artificial turf, we use a few different tools in our work than do those who do other kinds of landscaping. We use everything from cutters to brooms and compactors to rollers. Each step in our process requires something new. Let’s follow our process and give you an idea of what does […]

Can You Drive Farther with a Turf Tee Box?

You’re at the driving range before your round of golf.  You tee it up and drive.  The swing feels good; the connection with the ball was right, and a few more things— A clean club face. No divot No muddy spikes You look down and notice that your tee box is clean.  On closer inspection, […]

This is NOT your Daddy’s AstroTurf

When it opened in 1966, the Houston Astrodome was a unique venue. But it also had a unique problem: how do you grow grass in an indoor sports stadium? You don’t. So, Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright, employees of the Monsanto Company, came up with the bright idea to make […]

Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Before you go out and hire someone to do work for you on your home or at your business, there are seven critical questions you need to ask of them (or yourself) first: Do they have a permanent place of business? Do they have proper and adequate insurance? Are they a member of a trade […]