Playgrounds and Artificial Turf

As more and more playgrounds are built, many of them use artificial turf as the ground covering.  This does several things: Provides a clean surface that isn’t muddy Reduces stains to clothing Cushions falls Is visually pleasing Many city and private installations are incorporating artificial turf for these and many more reasons. The next time […]

Getting an Estimate for your Artificial Turf Installation

As you go out and price and select a dealer and installer for your new artificial turf project, make sure you get an accurate and complete estimate. It’s the first clue your installer knows what they are doing. Look for these elements in a complete estimate: A schedule. When do things start? How long will […]

Dog parks

If you are a dog owner, having a safe and clean place to run your dog is a daily concern.  Especially if you are an apartment dweller as well. With this combination growing in the US and around the world, many outdoor and indoor dog parks are springing up.  The indoor versions rely on artificial […]

Attention to Detail

The best installations are the ones where every detail has been considered. When a crew goes out and completes and installation, they need to do a quality control inspection before, during and after to make sure everything is clean, level and complete. At a recent installation, our lead man made sure things were all tucked […]

Back to basics: fake grass versus the real stuff

Today we are revisiting the resons to have artificial turf as a part of your landscaping plan.  Here are four good reasons: You can have a lawn in an arid or environment hostile to the growth of real grass. Artificial turf is more durable. A low-maintenance solution to weekend/holiday homes and those occupied by the […]

Artificial Turf and Your Health

Not only does artificial turf (fake grass) save water and lots of hard labor, it also reduces health risk. Remember allergy season?  Because artificial is not a living thing, there are reduced allergens: no grass seed,pollen, clippings or lawn waste. Fewer (if any sneezes and no more itching from picking up clippings and walking behind […]

Installing artificial turf: How water helps on the job site

One thing that most people don’t realize is that water helps on the job site and not just as what you would think you would use it for. We use water as weight.  That’s right, weight.  One of the more important steps in the process of installing turf is preparing the layers underneath.  Besides our […]

Water and artificial turf

Not only does artificial turf save water, we use water in the installation process. After the old turf is removed and the initial layers of the installation of put down, the granite layer is watered down.  After the soil layer over the top of the granite is applied, it gets a dousing of the wet […]

Pets and Artificial Turf

This is Harry. He loves his artificial turf. And for good reason. Not only is it soft and comfortable for him, it is easy to clean and drains easily. In a customized dog run, it will keep him clean and stay clean and sanitary for his owner. Dog parks, veterinarians, pet hotels and others rely […]

Trade shows and artificial turf: the TNLA show

The best way to see and judge artificial turf is to touch it and talk face-to-face with someone. If you can’t get to a dealer or showroom or warehouse, try and go to a trade show. “We find that trade shows and expos are the best way for people to understand artificial turf,” Kimberly Van […]