Seven Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Before you go out and hire someone to do work for you on your home or at your business, there are seven critical questions you need to ask of them (or yourself) first: Do they have a permanent place of business? Do they have proper and adequate insurance? Are they a member of a trade […]

Water Conservation and Artificial Turf Products

Artificial turf is a better choice for the environment when it comes to water use and conservation, particularly if you live in a dry climate or somewhere that needs to conserve water. If you have artificial turf, you don’t need: Fertilizer and water Gas-powered lawnmowers or string trimmers Real lawns use upwards of 20,000 or […]

Artificial Turf for the Four-Legged Members of the Family

Synthetic or artificial turf varieties vary by their usage.  As we discussed in an earlier post, different characteristics allow for different uses.  Even Fido gets a specialized variety—just like you would choose a natural turf, so should you consider a special artificial turf for your dog run, kennel or pet play area. Synthetic turf products, […]

How to Measure Turf

Just as you might choose a diamond for color, cut and clarity, artificial turf and grass products are measured and defined by different characteristics. There are four basic measures of the quality and type of turf: Pile height Face weight Color Yarn type Pile height is the height of the actual blades of “grass” in […]

SGP at the Construction Expo

Where else but at a trade show can you ask questions directly and see and touch the products you want to buy.  Trade shows are a great way for buyers to meet sellers. They also let buyers talk to other buyers and for sellers to meet potential partners. The Construction Expo coming up at the […]

Types of Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf and grass products come in almost as many varieties as natural grass. For purposes of this post, we are going to put them in three categories: • Landscape turf • Putting greens • Sport turf Each of these types have specialized “varieties”. Landscape turf is most like “real lawns” and are typically broken […]


Marco Gortana professional golfer

We at Synthetic Grass Pros are excited to introduce a new member to our specialized design team. Marco Gortana, a professional golfer debut in 1995 has years of experience in the design and installation of Golf Greens. Who better qualified than a professional golfer to help you in every step of your very own customized […]


New Outdoor Showroom Open

Our Outdoor Showroom is open for everyone to see. Over 2400 square feet in size to let you see the newest Artificial Grass. Along with the Landscape turf we have a large Putting Green. Our Putting Green offers a Chipping area and even a Sand Trap. Golf Balls and Putters are available to give our […]

Pets & Artificial Grass

Many people considering the idea of artificial grass have pets and readily ask us how they will react to this new turf surface. The majority of these people are dog owners. The answer is they’ll be fine – dogs treat artificial grass no differently than natural grass or turf. In fact your dog and you […]


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