Can You Drive Farther with a Turf Tee Box?

You’re at the driving range before your round of golf.  You tee it up and drive.  The swing feels good; the connection with the ball was right, and a few more things—

  • A clean club face.
  • No divot
  • No muddy spikes

You look down and notice that your tee box is clean.  On closer inspection, those blades of grass are not real.  Wow.

Recently, Lakewood Country Club upgraded their driving range tee boxes to artificial turf for just those reasons.

“Everybody who hits off the turf tee box loves it,” Mike Plummer, Superintendent at Lakewood told Marco Gortana of Synthetic Grass Pros. “It was a great choice.”

The key to these new boxes is synthetic turf or fake grass.  And the changeover is usually done is one day.

“Our process is a combination of landscape preparation and carpet installation,” Mr. Gortana said.  Mr. Gortana is a sales representative for Synthetic Grass Pros (, an artificial turf dealer and installer.  “A driving range tee box is probably the best example of combining real grass and artificial turf in the landscaping world.”

Tim Dvorak, co-owner of Synthetic Grass Pros, and his team prepared and installed the turf driving surface in one day.

“What sets us apart is that we not only sell the product, we also install it,” Mr. Dvorak said.  “And the team of installers is made up of employees of our company and experienced landscapers.”

The tee boxes were installed in March ready for the start of the season.  Low maintenance and quick installation are keys to the success of the product and use.

For more information, contact Synthetic Grass Pros at 972-420-7800.  Synthetic Grass Pros is a woman-owned business providing landscape installation of artificial turf products for use in residential and commercial landscape applications.  Synthetic Grass Pros are dealers for a variety of American-made artificial turf products including Pro Putt, Perfect Putt and PetPerfect among others.

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