Can’t get your grass to grow?

A friend of mine couldn’t get natural grass to grow under her large oak trees in the front yard. She tried every kind of grass, and even hired a yard maintenance company to help – but year after year the grass just didn’t grow under her trees. I suggested that she consider having artificial turf installed in the front yard. But she said she didn’t like that idea because she thought artificial turf looked artificial. I immediately brought her over to my house which has had artificial turf installed for many years — and she was impressed. Well, shortly after her visit, she had beautiful, natural looking artificial turf installed  in her front yard —  and she now has natural looking turf under her trees and isn’t worrying about watering or maintenance. If you have problem areas in your yard – and almost everyone does – I strongly suggest that you visit the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros and discover how beautiful today’s long lasting artificial turf would be in your yard. The Grass Queen