Who Runs This Place: Kimberly Van Buren

Kimberly Van Buren knows fake grass. She also knows how to network.

“When I was first out trying to promote Synthetic Grass Pros, “Kimberly told us recently,” I found myself becoming a ‘chamber maid’. I went from chamber of commerce to chamber of commerce telling our story and connecting with people, ” Kimberly continued. It was the best way to get the word out and to get people to recognize our brand.”

One of the owner-founder-partners in Synthetic Grass Pros, Kimberly spends a lot of time marketing the company and talking about the benefits of artificial turf.

“I became the face of the company,” Kimberly said. “And met a lot of great people along the way.”

Kimberly’s background is in sales and business management. From home building to service businesses, Kimberly has taken her skills as a business owner and her love for landscaping to Synthetic Grass Pros.

You can reach Kimberly at 972-420-7800.

The Grass Queen

LEED and Artificial Turf Clarified

A recent post talked about LEED certification.

To clarify, artificial turf materials can’t be certified–but the people who install it can be.

So, look for the dealer or installed with the LEED certification logo.  It means that they are accredited and qualified to consult.

However, the products they represent can earn points for being made from recycled materials and because they contribute to water use efficiency.

Know the difference.  Thanks.

The Grass Queen

MLB and Artificial Turf

With the Major League Baseball Playoffs in full swing, the subject of artificial turf comes up.

Except not in Minnesota, but in Tampa Bay.  With domed stadiums being fewer in MLB, the use of fake grass is down.  However, The Trop (Tropicana Field) as it is known still utilizes the artificial stuff.

Must work–the team is in the playoffs again this year.  And still in it for now.

Consider the Twins gave up their dome and fake grass and were eliminated by the Yankees.

Hey, Minnesota: care to go back?

The Grass Queen

More About Golf and Artificial Turf

We can’t emphasize enough the tie between artificial turf and the game of golf.  From water conservation to lowered maintenance costs, golf has gained a lot from being tied to fake grass–and fake grass owes a lot to the game.

Consider these facts:

  • Backyard putting greens are more popular than ever.
  • More golf courses and country clubs are using artificial turf in their tee box installations, chipping areas and practice putting greens.

And why you suppose this is?

  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Longer-lived and better looking areas
  • Less water use

So, golf and fake grass are like peanut butter and jelly.  They belong together.

The Grass Queen

What is LEED Certification?

LEED Certification means that products have been certified as “green” (environmentally friendly) by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a program developed and implemented by the U.S. Green Building Council.

What does this have to do with artificial turf?

Since artificial turf is a building material rather than a natural product, it falls in a different category than natural turf.  However, it can be certified “green” by the Council and earns the user credits as a LEED Certified user.

For more information about LEED Certification, see this article from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LEED_certified)

The Grass Queen

The Color of Turf

Ok, so you won’t want a blue lawn (unless you are a Boise State fan), but it is nice to know that artificial turf has options.

The accompanying photos shows the variety of colors that are typically used on sports fields. The turf is pre-dyed before it is assembled and it comes in rolls just like the natural green stock does.  And while we’re on the subject of the green stuff, there are almost as many varieties (colors) of artificial turf as their are of real turf.

Want to have St Augustine or Bermuda grass? You can have it.  Kentucky Blue Grass? Yes.  And the list goes on.

You really need to see it in person to appreciate the varieties.

The Grass Queen

The game of golf and artificial turf

Did you know that some of that green grass you see at your favorite golf course and driving range is artificial?


For example, the tee boxes at several local North Texas country clubs are fake grass.  Well, let’s be more elegant: artificial turfgrass.  They have helped do the following:

  • Last longer than traditional turf
  • Lower the maintenance time for the boxes
  • Allow more play as the boxes can take more wear and tear
  • Require no water, so are dry most of the time (except for Mother Nature’s watering).

So, the next time you are at your local driving range, take a look at the tee box more carefully.  And the pitching and putting greens, too.

The Grass Queen


Reclaiming an area with artificial turf

Have you looked around your home, office or school and seen unused space in the yard or around the outside of the buildings?

Maybe you should consider a reclamation project.

“We recently completed a project that did just that,” Tim Dvorak said. “A local private high school came to us and needed an unused courtyard reworked as a special place for the senior kids.” Our turf was a great solution and it only took a few days to prepared and install the turf in the space, he said.

Tim is co-owner of Synthetic Grass Pros and understands how to best include artificial turf in a landscaping plan.

“Especially in schools, ” Tim continued. “Artificial turf saves on water and maintenance and makes useful an area that might have otherwise gone unused.”

So, whadda got to clear up and reuse?

The Grass Queen

Consider a putting green

Really, if you are an avid golfer and your short game is in need of help, why not have a putting green installed in your yard?

It isn’t all that much of an extravagance.  For about the price of a year’s worth of greens fees you could have a crisp, clean, useful putting surface at your disposal.  By using artificial turf and the installation techniques used in larger lawns, most installer can have a virtually maintenance-free putting surface in your yard within a day.  Note these advantages:

  • No watering or mowing
  • Ready within a day
  • No fees for use or having to delay your tee time
  • Usable year around

So, Mr. Golfer, why not?

The Grass Queen

I am a rock…..

But not an island.  Among the layers of a good artificial turf installation is crushed granite.  The crushed rock allows for sure footing and a solid base, while also giving good drainage.  The combination of all of those features makes sure your artificial turf installation will be a long-time part of your landscaping.

As we’ve recommended before, ask the contractor you’ve chosen (or are considering) to your work if you can go out on an installation.  Watch how they work and the details of what is going into the installation:

  • How do they remove the old turf?
  • How many layers of what kind of materials are being laid down?
  • Do they pay attnetion to each layer and the detail?

Watch and learn, watch and learn.  It’s the only solid thing to do.

The Grass Queen