Having a good looking yard is easy

Everyone knows how great it is to have a good looking yard. But keeping a yard in top shape all year long isn’t easy. There’s constant upkeep of watering, fertilizing, mowing and weeding. All of this is not only time consuming, but it is a significant expense. So what is the solution? A landscaped yard with artificial turf. It’s beautiful all year long, and it’s tough. Artificial turf can handle even the roughest kids or pets. And you’ll never have a yard with problem areas. Go green, go artificial turf.
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Wearing of the green…

I can remember when artificial grass was becoming popular with golf courses back in the 1960s. The artificial grass was bright green, didn’t look real, and faded in the sun after a season or two.  Back then the artificial grass didn’t feel natural and easily didn’t wear wel in high traffic areas. All that has changed with the significant improvement in the manufacturing of today’s artificial grass. Today’s artificial grass looks and feels natural 365 days a year, wears very well for many years and is made from recyclable materials. With enhancements in performance, such as drainage durability and safety, artificial grass is today’s best choice for athletic fields, landscaping and golf courses. I can’t think of a better and more beautiful way to go green.

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A money saving tip…..

Low maintenance artificial grass can save a homeowner a significant amount of money year after year. You don’t have to water, fertilize and mow artificial grass. Kids and pets won’t track in mud when it rains, and artificial grass remains beautiful 365 day a year. Most of today’s artificial grass is made from environmentally-friendly materials that are tested and specifically designed to replicate grass without the headache and constant expense of natural grass. Let’s face it, saving money is important to all of us – especially when everybody is tightening their belts. Having a beautiful lawn is simple and money saving with artificial grass.

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Holiday Uses for Artificial Turf

With the holiday season upon us, what kind of uses can we find for artificial turf?  Here’s a short list:

  • A tree skirt
  • Door mats
  • Remnants cut in strips used as garlands
  • Ground cover for outdoor Nativity scenes

What can you come up with?

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Artificial Turf and Desert Landscaping

If you live in a dry or desert climate, perhaps a natural green lawn isn’t an option for your landscaping.  An option is to build a landscape plan using a combination of local vegetation and artificial turf.

This plan will serve several purposes:

  1. Water will be conserved.  Chances are you are already in a conservation-minded area and saving water could be a local law.
  2. Maintenance will be reduced.  Less water, fewer days of raking, no mowing mean less hours of taking care of the space.
  3. Beauty will be enhanced.  Using local plants and materials along with accents of turf, can make for a beautiful area.

It all adds up–even in the desert.

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How Artificial Turf is Like Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving upon us, we couldn’t help but compare fake grass with the Thanksgiving holiday.

Both are always there:

  • Once installed, artificial turf is there all the time.
  • Thanksgiving comes every November.

They both have multiple names:

  • Artificial turf, fake grass, Astroturf
  • Turkey Day, Thanksgiving, Day of Thanks, Football Thursday

They both have components:

  • Backing, drainage layers, blades
  • Turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, parades, football, family.

Both serve an important purpose in your life:

  • Artificial turf saves you time, money, energy, water and the environment.
  • Thanksgiving brings you together with family and friends to appreciate the good things in life.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

The Grass Queen

If you gave up watering….

…think of all you would save.  For one, you could give up your garden hoses.  You know, the things that transport all that water you are using now?

What’s that?  You can’t give up watering?  Your lawn would die?  Well, true, if you have a natural turf lawn.  But if you switched even parts of your landscaping to artificial turf, you could save not only on your water bill, but also on all of the labor and materials required of watering.

Those hoses we started with up top–here’s what you can save by just reducing or eliminating them:

  • Annual (or more frequent) replacement of hoses due to wear and tear.
  • Faucet and outlet maintenance.
  • Sprinkler maintenance and replacement.
  • Time to move and place hoses and sprinklers.

It’s not just water you are saving: consider the equipment, your time and your back!

The Grass Queen

Outdoor Children’s Playgrounds

We’ve seen them for years in parks, at schools in apartment complexes: outdoor play equipment for children.  What those from another generation might have called a “jungle gym.”

Well, your daddy’s jungle gym has come a long way.  And synthetic grass is a big part of that change.

Today’s playset may be made of wood or metal or some combination of the two, but the surface it sits on is no longer concrete, asphalt or sand and gravel.  Because children fall (and they do) from these sets, the ground they fall to is now as low impact as the sports field they play on.  And it looks good, too.

Multiple layers of turf, sand, gravel and pad of several types help make up the surface beneath the slide, swings and monkey bars children play on today.

Take a look the next time youa re at your neighborhood park or playground.  You might be surprised.

Basic Maintenance of Artificial Turf

Turf should be rinsed and groomed periodically. The frequency of cleaning should be determined by the activity level.

For example, if your turf is subject to animals and pets it should be rinsed more often. The higher traffic areas should also be groomed more often.

To properly clean, rinse and use a stiff bristled broom or specialty rake to groom the fibers. This will help prevent matting and maintain the appearance. If the turf is not groomed periodically and does matt substantially, we suggest you have it groomed professionally to restore its appearance. We also suggest for areas of heavy path traffic that you place stepping stones or form some kind of path.

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How to Build an Indoor Dog Potty

As a follow up to our last post, here is a quick primer on how to build an indoor dog potty using commonly found materials.

For this project, you will need:

  • Wire mesh with a grid of less than 1/2-inch openings
  • A plastic cat litter pan with a removable cover and lipped edge
  • Wire cutters
  • Heavy duty staple gun
  • Enough artificial turf to cover the top of the container
  • Kitty litter for the pan
  • Attractant sprays to entice your dog to use it (and not the space on the floor next to it!)
  • You might also consider a frame for the whole thing that could be painted a pleasant color and make the unit pretty enough to fit into your apartment.

Consider, too, this is for small dogs and not a replacement for walks, exercise or attention for your dog.

The assembly instructions can be found in the original story at http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2455184/how_to_make_an_indoor_fake_grass_potty.html?cat=

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