Types of Artificial Turf

Synthetic turf and grass products come in almost as many varieties as natural grass. For purposes of this post, we are going to put them in three categories:

• Landscape turf
• Putting greens
• Sport turf

Each of these types have specialized “varieties”. Landscape turf is most like “real lawns” and are typically broken out into these types. There are multiple types, including courtyards, lawns, pet areas and playgrounds.
• Spring
• Fescue
• Lawn
• Envirograss

Putting greens are also split into different categories, based on pile and blade length as well as color. There are over 50 styles of golf greens with the various types to match your golf skill level. The two most popular types are.:
• Perfect Putt
• Pro Putt

Sport turf products are usually categorized as either:
• Sport turf (used in football, baseball and soccer applications)
• Fastgrass (for indoor facilities)
• Colored turf (for logos on the field or in an end zone)

Depending on the location and need, these are starting places for choosing the right product for the right application.

The Grass Queen


Marco Gortana professional golfer

We at Synthetic Grass Pros are excited to introduce a new member to our specialized design team. Marco Gortana, a professional golfer debut in 1995 has years of experience in the design and installation of Golf Greens. Who better qualified than a professional golfer to help you in every step of your very own customized golf green?

Marco plays in tournaments around the world including South Africa, Dubai, China, India, and Europe, and of coarse USA. You may have seen him at any number of the local Golf Courses, public and private. Along with his putting green experience he gives private golf lessons and consulting.

If you would like to speak to Marco give us a call at Synthetic Grass Pros



New Outdoor Showroom Open

Our Outdoor Showroom is open for everyone to see. Over 2400 square feet in size to let you see the newest Artificial Grass. Along with the Landscape turf we have a large Putting Green. Our Putting Green offers a Chipping area and even a Sand Trap. Golf Balls and Putters are available to give our Green a try. Informational signs are posted with types of grass and even pricing. Brochures are free and offer information about Artificial Grass and the manufacturing process and testing. You will also see concrete curbing by Curbmasters which boarders our showroom. Feel free to visit anytime, the showroom is never closed.

Address: 2078 Savage st.

Lewisville, TX 75057



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