Back to basics: fake grass versus the real stuff

Today we are revisiting the resons to have artificial turf as a part of your landscaping plan.  Here are four good reasons:

  1. You can have a lawn in an arid or environment hostile to the growth of real grass.
  2. Artificial turf is more durable.
  3. A low-maintenance solution to weekend/holiday homes and those occupied by the elderly.
  4. Good solution for rooftop gardens and around swimming pools.

For more ideas, visit this Wikipedia entry,

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Artificial Turf and Your Health

Not only does artificial turf (fake grass) save water and lots of hard labor, it also reduces health risk.

Remember allergy season?  Because artificial is not a living thing, there are reduced allergens: no grass seed,pollen, clippings or lawn waste. Fewer (if any sneezes and no more itching from picking up clippings and walking behind that dust-spewing mower.

Since there is no need for chemical or organic fertilizers or pesticides, the risk of having chemical and other toxins around is reduced or eliminated. And the runoff of chemical fertilizers into the ground water is gone.

Really, go green with artificial turf.

The Grass Queen

Installing artificial turf: How water helps on the job site

One thing that most people don’t realize is that water helps on the job site and not just as what you would think you would use it for.

We use water as weight.  That’s right, weight.  One of the more important steps in the process of installing turf is preparing the layers underneath.  Besides our regular power compactor, we also use a hand roller.  To help save weight on the truck and to be safe loading and unloading it, we use a roller that requires water ballast.

When we get to the job site, we attach a hose to the roller and fill it with water.  Once we are done we empty the drum and drain the water into gardens and onto real lawns so it isn’t wasted.

The Grass Queen

Water and artificial turf

Not only does artificial turf save water, we use water in the installation process.

After the old turf is removed and the initial layers of the installation of put down, the granite layer is watered down.  After the soil layer over the top of the granite is applied, it gets a dousing of the wet stuff.

Water helps the layers compact and hold together.  It also makes the various materials malleable and able to be worked more easily.

Sure, we use water now, but over the life of the installation (20-plus years) you will use a fraction of what you would with a live lawn.

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Pets and Artificial Turf

This is Harry.

He loves his artificial turf. And for good reason.

Not only is it soft and comfortable for him, it is easy to clean and drains easily. In a customized dog run, it will keep him clean and stay clean and sanitary for his owner.

Dog parks, veterinarians, pet hotels and others rely on artificial turf, usually in combination with real turf, as a part of their yard strategy.

You should consider it, too.

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Trade shows and artificial turf: the TNLA show

The best way to see and judge artificial turf is to touch it and talk face-to-face with someone. If you can’t get to a dealer or showroom or warehouse, try and go to a trade show.

“We find that trade shows and expos are the best way for people to understand artificial turf,” Kimberly Van Buren said. Kimberly is the owner of Synthetic Grass Pros and uses trade shows and events extensively.

“Since this is a tangible product that you are going to install in your yard, it always is best to touch it and talk to a rep,” Kimberly continued.

Synthetic Grass Pros will be at the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA) Show August 19-22 in San Antonio. for more information take a look at

Come join us and talk some grass. SGP is in booth number 2713.

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Real versus fake grass: can you really tell the difference?

Out on an install the other day and I saw this side-by-side comparison of synthetic grass and some real St. Augustine turf.

You really have to look closely to see the differences between the two.  Can you see the dividing line in the photo?  Which is real and which is fake?

Truth is, the divider is the line of bricks: at the lower end of the frame is the real St. Augustine; at the top is the synthetic turf.

Blade length, fresh color (depending on time of year) and looking perpetually trimmed are usually the giveaways.  Test your guests the next time they are over.

Oh, you don’t have artificial turf?  We need to talk.

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Applications for Synthetic Turf: Cleaning up a side yard

When Linne Fitzgerald wanted to clean up the side yard next to her Plano, Texas, home, she turned to synthetic turf.

Finding Syntheti Grass Pros after a Google search, she called Synthetic Grass Pros’ Kimberly Van Buren.

“She was out within a week and Kim and I immediately clicked,” Linne said.  Kimberly measured and quoted a price and work began soon afterward.

“This was a useless side of my yard,” Linne continued. “It was just mud and dirt and nothing would grow here.  (Kimberly) solved my problem.

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Creating the Backyard Environment with Artificial Turf

Whether you call it artificial turf or fake grass, it is a great accent or even a focal point for your backyard.

This is space where you relax and recharge. Why not rely on artificial turf to ease you mind when it comes to maintenance as well as aesthetics.

The look, care and combination with other materials (stone, rock, wood materials) give the space its feeling.

The Grass Queen

Power rakes

This part of our work fascinates me.  Not only dow we use rakes, we use POWER rakes!

Tim the Toolman would be revved up over that!

We basically use two power rakes: the large unit which is like a snow blower with a stiff brush (for you Southerners, picture a tiller with a brush instead of blades) and a handheld unit.

The larger unit is used to prep the turf before it is installed.  After being rolled up and hauled around we want to get the blades of grass up and the creases out.

The smaller unit is for touch up after the grass is installed.

Imagine a 327 Chevy small block on the end of that handheld rake!

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