Does artificial turf look artificial?

So much has changed since artificial turf was introduced into the market in the 1960s. Here are a few concerns I still keep hearing about artificial turf. First, some still ask: Doesn’t artificial turf look artificial? Of course not. During the past decade there have been great improvements in the look and feel of artificial turf. Artificial turf looks and feels exactly like natural grass. Another question I keep getting asked is: “Isn’t artificial turf more expensive?” Artificial turf does cost more than real grass, but only initially. Considering the savings on irrigation systems, water, mowers, edgers, trimmers, fertilizers, herbicides, reseeding and more, synthetic grass will actually save you money over time. Some managers using artificial turf on their soccer/football fields in the Western U.S. have reported savings in maintenance costs of more than $30,000 a year. The Grass Queen