How is the new generation of artificial turf different from that of the past?

droughtThat’s an interesting question. I’ve been told that increasing demand for high quality playing surfaces and intense competition for field accessibility has given rise to a new generation of artificial turf systems that duplicate the look and feel of lush, natural grass. While the first artificial turf systems used in the 1960’s and 1970’s were hard, significant advancements have been made during the past few decades. By the 1990’s, the first synthetic turf systems with sand and rubber infill were introduced, which dramatically improved player performance and safety. Today’s artificial turf is used by many NFL franchises, as well many other international sports federations, and combines the playing characteristics, look and feel of natural turf, with the advantages of increased frequency of usage, safety, longer playing sessions, fewer canceled games, and lowest cost per playing day. Thus today’s beautiful artificial turf is better than ever before. The Grass Queen