How to save money watering your grass

april 26 13 bThere have been more headlines about how water bills have gone considerably higher in North Texas during the past few months. One person I read about said that her water bill went from about $150 a month to more than $600 in one month — and she said she hadn’t had any reason for the water increase. While many cities are making excuses and reasons about the surge in water bills, one thing is for sure: if these people had installed natural looking artificial turf for their yards, there wouldn’t be yard watering bills to worry about. How lucky we are to have beautiful artificial turf installed in our yards. No more expensive and concern about maintaining a yard, including worrying about droughts and water restrictions. All I can say is that everybody should consider installing long wearing artificial turf in their yards. Why don’t you call the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you samples of how great today’s affordable artificial turf really is. The Grass Queen