If you gave up watering….

…think of all you would save.  For one, you could give up your garden hoses.  You know, the things that transport all that water you are using now?

What’s that?  You can’t give up watering?  Your lawn would die?  Well, true, if you have a natural turf lawn.  But if you switched even parts of your landscaping to artificial turf, you could save not only on your water bill, but also on all of the labor and materials required of watering.

Those hoses we started with up top–here’s what you can save by just reducing or eliminating them:

  • Annual (or more frequent) replacement of hoses due to wear and tear.
  • Faucet and outlet maintenance.
  • Sprinkler maintenance and replacement.
  • Time to move and place hoses and sprinklers.

It’s not just water you are saving: consider the equipment, your time and your back!

The Grass Queen