Increase in water costs just around the corner

Looks like much of the Texas drought is not over – at least that is what the Texas House and weather specialists believe. Recently the Texas house paved the way to ensure that Texas has adequate water supplies and voted overwhelmingly to create a large revolving loan account for community projects and conservation. What was not mentioned is that water is going to become much more expensive for all of us. In fact, water costs could double within five years. North Texas’ future water needs could cost billions of dollars in the coming years. That means watering a yard of natural grass is going to take a lot out of our wallets. I am so thankful that I learned about the many benefits of artificial turf. I have a beautiful green yard all year long, and I don’t have to worry about the increase in water costs or the expense of maintaining the yard. Let Synthetic Grass Pros show you many of the samples of long wearing artificial turf – you will surely be impressed. The Grass Queen