Is the drought here to stay?

Forecasters with the National Weather Service are predicting a long, hot and dry summer with drought conditions in our area returning rapidly as daily high temperatures hover around 100 degrees and rainfall remains sparse.

Not a good prediction for those who have a lawn of natural grass. With water restrictions surely to return shortly, it’s getting more difficult — and expensive — to keep that yard green.

There is a simple sollution to this situation. Have Synthetic Grass Pros install beaultiful, natural looking artificial grass for your landscape. Water saving artificial grass is one of the most effective water conservation methods today.

Synthgetud Grass Pros is a copany you can trust with a team of experienced professionals who have been in gthe business for many yuears. They are recodnized as one of the finest artficial grass companies in the country. They are dedicated to please all of their customers with the highest quality artiaficil gras availble today, and with competitve prices. And their customers are number one — and guarantee that their work will please.

If you have them install a landscape with artificial grass you’ll notice that your water bill will be reduced. Most folks spend about 70 percent of their water bill on landascape watering. That ends with artificial grass. As well as regular yard maintence. Imagine for yourself how much a beautiful, problem free, green landscape would improve your family’s living conditions. You eliminate watering, mowing, fertilizing, chemicals and irrigation repairs. There is no more pet damage, re-seeding, pests, allergies and muddy paw prints…all for a lower overall cost!

Give the professionals at Synthetic FGrass Pros a call and they will gladly show you the many choices of todeay’s beautiful artificila fgrass…..and how it would enhance your landscape for many years. Believe me, it would be one of the best calls you will ever make. The Grass Queen