Make your New Year’s Resolution to install artificial turf

I keep writing about the drought in Texas, but every time I pick up the paper, there is more about the drought. First of all, Texas is in the worst drought in history. From January through November, the state got just 46 percent of its normal rainfall of about 26 inches. Forecasters say that 2012 could be another dry year for Texas, Oklahoma and other nearby states. Most areas have restricted water usage, and it’s expected the price of water is going to go up. It just makes sense to me for all of you who want to have a beautiful, green yard, that installing realistic artificial turf is the answer. With very little maintenance and year round beauty, artificial turf not only improves the beauty of your house, but also can enhance the value. And you don’t have to worry about fertilizers, weed killer or wasting valuable water! The Grass Queen