More positive news about artificial turf reported in Wall Street Journal

backyard 6 10Last week I read an article about artificial turf in the Wall Street Journal. According to the WSJ, today’s artificial turf manufactures have developed new “yarns” that make artificial turf look more natural than ever before. And homeowners are taking notice; the article states that residential sales have increased 30 percent a year for the past five years. “Homeowners can have a full lawn of artificial grass installed or use it in specific areas: between pavement in a driveway, in a courtyard, around swimming pools and under swing sets. There are even varieties of synthetic grass for pet owners that include a drainage system.” The article continues: “There isn’t a lot of maintenance—no mowing or watering required— and most artificial yards last 15 to 20 years.” The best place to find out more information about artificial turf is to call the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros. They have many years of experience in the artificial turf industry and will be happy to show you the many different kinds of artificial turf – include several that will fit your needs and budget. The Grass Queen