More water limits for Texans?

I recently read a disturbing headline in The Dallas Morning News: “Water limits may tighten.”  According to the paper, a water ban for lawns and most landscaping could be imposed this month. The North Texas Municipal Water District says that these steps will probably be needed because the drought is likely to persist throughout the summer and that there possibly will be a loss of some water sources. This means that area homes and businesses will no longer have green natural grass –  there will be lots of brown grass throughout the area. So how can anyone have a beautiful lawn or commercial area? The answer is artificial turf. With its natural look and years of service, a yard or commercial area using artificial turf doesn’t need water. In fact, because of the continued drought, more than ever before, artificial turf is being used for commercial areas, schools as well as homes. Give the folks at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let them show you the many additional benefits of using beautiful, natural looking artificial turf. The Grass Queen