Outdoor Children’s Playgrounds

We’ve seen them for years in parks, at schools in apartment complexes: outdoor play equipment for children.  What those from another generation might have called a “jungle gym.”

Well, your daddy’s jungle gym has come a long way.  And synthetic grass is a big part of that change.

Today’s playset may be made of wood or metal or some combination of the two, but the surface it sits on is no longer concrete, asphalt or sand and gravel.  Because children fall (and they do) from these sets, the ground they fall to is now as low impact as the sports field they play on.  And it looks good, too.

Multiple layers of turf, sand, gravel and pad of several types help make up the surface beneath the slide, swings and monkey bars children play on today.

Take a look the next time youa re at your neighborhood park or playground.  You might be surprised.