Questions to Ask Your Contractor as the Work Begins

As you begin your project, be clear on your expectations.  During the process of choosing a landscape design and installation firm, you interviewed them, collected and negotiated a bid and now are ready to get the shovels working.

How do you get them started?

  • Be clear on when and where they are to start work.
  • Meet them the first day and lay out your expectations and remind them that you will be back.
  • Check back frequently (more than once the first day; less often after that–probably at the end of each day).
  • If the weather is hot, offer the crew water and shade.
  • Make sure that driveways and other access to your propery are clear and negotiated–the contractor needs to deliver and unload goods; you need to get in and out of your house.
  • Make sure pets and other animals are safe and secure during the work–and that the workers are safe from harm.

The list can longer.  What can you add?

The Grass Queen