Summer drought is here again

backyard may 20As far as I know, just about every Southwest county – large and small – has enforced water restriction this summer. For example, the city of Lewisville, Texas recently approved to move to Stage 2 mandatory water restrictions. According to the Dallas News, Lewisville has never instituted mandatory restrictions, but they are now needed to conserve the water supply during the summer. It’s only the first few days of summer, and watering our yards in the South is really going to be a problem. I truly believe this is the best time for all of us who want a beautiful, green and natural looking yard should consider installing artificial turf. Not only will you save precious water, but your yard will look great all year long without the worry and expensive of maintenance and chemicals. Give the artificial turf experts a call at Synthetic Grass Pros and let them show you the many great choices you have with artificial turf. You’ll be glad you did. The Grass Queen