Synthetic Grass Pros featured on ABC and local television — Will be on morning program Wednesday September 21

I wanted everybody to know that Synthetic Grass Pros was recently featured on two television shows. For those who missed the spots, I have attached the links to the TV exclusives below. I think you’ll enjoy both of them. As I have mentioned before, the Southwest is experiencing the worst drought in decades and the outlook for much rain is bleak. Yards are turning yellow — and with tough water restrictions, it has become difficult and expensive to keep those yards green. Artificial turf has become more popular than ever during this period of time in neighborhoods and on commercial properties. People are finding out that synthetic grass is the perfect solution to keeping a yard green and beautiful year round, while businesses such as restaurants and hotels have long known that green grass adds so much to their business — and it’s really more popular than ever. Copy and paste the links below to watch the TV spots and to learn more about artificial turf and the great folks at Synthetic Grass Pros. The Grass Queen

Synthetic Grass Pros will be featured on WFAA (Dallas/Fort Worth) Wednesday, September 21, on Good Morning Texas from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.