Drainage and Artificial Turf

Choosing to use artificial turf as a part of your landscape plan has many positive aspects.  Beside the long-term low maintenance, it is also a way to improve drainage.

  • The layers beneath the turf installation are usually configured to allow water to leach down unimpeded.
  • The backing of the turf itself allows for drainage below to the next surface.
  • Using it to follow the contours of your landscape topography, artificial turf allows drainage more easily than natural turf and topsoil.
  • Artificial turf and its underpinnings rarely wash away.

Consider including aritificial turf in your next landscape plan and installation.

The Grass Queen

Poolside: Fake Grass

And you thought the only places you could install artificial turf was on the sports filed or under your dog.

Well, think again.

Putting turf near and around your swimming pool does a lot of good things:

  • Helps drainage.
  • Eliminates mud
  • Is decorative

Here’s an example. Try it.

The Grass Queen