Things to Know Before Hiring a Contractor: Get References

Referrals are always the best way to choose a partner or business associate.  When it comes to contractors, consider who you know and who they know that they could recommend to you.

You want your work done right, so the best way to ensure this is to check out contractors who have been hired and come recommended. Consider asking these trusted sources for recommendations:

  • Relatives in the local area.
  • Business associates who have hired a contractor lately.
  • Neighbors whose new landscaping you admire.
  • Friends who have had similar work done.

What should you ask? Try these questions:

  • What did you have them do?
  • What were they like to work with?
  • Did they show up on time and get the work done efficiently?
  • Did they bill you fairly and in a timely fashion?
  • Did they give you an estimate before starting? Did they stay to it?

This is a starting place.  Happy contractor hunting.

The Grass Queen