Think About the Dog….

….do you really want them to have a yard that is muddy and messy?  Can it get any worse than having a wet, muddy dog after they have been out in your yard?

This is yet another reason to choose artificial turf as a part of your landscape plan.  Go for it: get the fake stuff to:

  • Reduce mud in your yard.
  • Always have a green stuff of the dog to play and “go” on.
  • Help with drainage.

See your artificial turf professional for help in choosing the right turf for your pets and yard.

The Grass Queen

Pets and Artificial Turf

This is Harry.

He loves his artificial turf. And for good reason.

Not only is it soft and comfortable for him, it is easy to clean and drains easily. In a customized dog run, it will keep him clean and stay clean and sanitary for his owner.

Dog parks, veterinarians, pet hotels and others rely on artificial turf, usually in combination with real turf, as a part of their yard strategy.

You should consider it, too.

The Grass Queen