The Tools of Our Trade

As professional landscapers using artificial turf, we use a few different tools in our work than do those who do other kinds of landscaping.

We use everything from cutters to brooms and compactors to rollers. Each step in our process requires something new.

Let’s follow our process and give you an idea of what does work for us.

First, we have to remove the original, “real” turf.  For that we use a turf cutter.  This is the same machine turf growers use to cut fresh, new grass from the field for installation at new locations.

Wheelbarrows and rakes.  Our process involves putting down layers of granite and fabric before we lay the turf itself.  To haul in the crushed granite takes a wheelbarrow; to spread it takes rakes.

Once the granite is spread (between layers of fabric), it has to be pressed down using a compactor.  This machine is also used in landscaping and road building.  By compacting the granite, it firms up the base so that the turf on top doesn’t move and maintains its location and shape.

Once the turf is rolled, stretched and glued and staked in place, the infill sand has to be applied.  This involves the use of a basic garden spreader, just like most of us use to apply fertilizer to our non-fake grass lawns.

It is a process and involves the specialized use of familiar tools.  But the final product is unique, clean, useful and beautiful.  Tools are a beautiful thing.

The Grass Queen