Unusual Uses for Artificial Turf

Just about the time you were thinking everything under the Sun had been thought of, somebody come up with more things to do with artificial turf.

The Queen is always thinking, so try these ideas out:

  • Sports-themed man caves.  That’s right, if your guy and his buddies are going to hide out watching sports on the big screen in their liar, why not carpet it with turf?
  • Inside a dog house.  More durable and not needing regular cleaning like a blanket, try a swatch of turf inside Fido’s house.
  • Soundproofing.  Since it does have a sound-absorbing quality, why not consider it for the walls of that home sound studio?  Will start a conversation with the next voice-over or singing client that comes over, right?
  • Mats around your grilling area.  Since most turf stock has to meet flammability standards, why not give Dad something soft to stand on on the patio as he grills this summer?

Now, I came up with these: what can you come up with?

The Grass Queen