The drought is here to stay for a decade or more

yard 2Last week I read that despite some recent rain, the drought retains its grip on Texas and most of the western United States with nothing to indicate it will ease anytime soon. The latest outlook says that the drought will persist or intensify across most of Texas, the Plains and Rocky Mountain states, all the way to California. More than 92 percent of Texas is in moderate drought or worse, with 67 percent – including the Dallas area – in severe, extreme or exceptional drought. Statewide, reservoirs are at 63.9 percent of capacity. Experts indicate that the drought may last another 10 or 15 more years. What does this mean for the average citizen? More and tougher water restrictions and increased cost of water. In some places watering a yard may be completely restricted. The days of beautiful natural grass lawns is slowly coming to an end. But that doesn’t have to happen when one has artificial turf installed. You’ll find that artificial turf looks and feels like natural grass – stays green all year long and doesn’t require expensive maintaining and, above all else, there’s no watering. I think everybody who wants to have a beautiful yard should give the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros a call and let then show you the many choices of today’s natural looking artificial turf. You won’t be disappointed. The Grass Queen