Things to Know Before Hiring a Contractor: Call Licensing Boards

Continuing on with our things-to-know list when hiring a contractor:  are these guys certified and licensed?

It is a fairly simple thing to do and you will gain a tremendous peace of mind: call licensing boards.  In most states there is a state board or department of licensing.  It may also be called the state contracting board. Whatever it is called, a quick internet search will yield contact information.

For example, in Texas, most boards and licensing activity can be found at

This is the start for you to be sure that the contractor you expect to hire:

  • Has adequate liability coverage.
  • Has been approved (and licensed) by the state.
  • Complies with the rules and regulations of their industry.

Also, check out the contractor’s website to see who they are affiliated with.  For example, Synthetic Grass Pros ( is a member of the ASGI (Association of Synthetic Grass Installers). If the contractor claims membership, followup with the association or board to be sure they  are current.

The Grass Queen