This is NOT your Daddy’s AstroTurf

When it opened in 1966, the Houston Astrodome was a unique venue. But it also had a unique problem: how do you grow grass in an indoor sports stadium?

You don’t.

So, Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright, employees of the Monsanto Company, came up with the bright idea to make fake grass. AstroTurf, Chemgrass, NexTurf, synthetic grass has had many names over the years. Like cell phones, personal computers and MP3 players, artificial grass has evolved over the years. Left behind is its former image of the bright-green, fake carpet-like covering on putt-putt courses and in sport arenas. Now artificial grass is so realistic, you would mistake it for the real stuff.

But unlike real grass, synthetic grass is truly green. Made from recyclable materials and 100 percent recyclable itself, artificial grass is the ultimate environmentally-friendly solution for problem outdoor areas. From pet runs to play areas, poolside or on a roof-top deck, synthetic grass employs the latest technology that makes it function just like real grass.

“People traditionally resorted to stone, concrete or other hard surfaces in problem areas,” Kimberly Van Buren, co-owner of Synthetic Grass Pros said. “Now we’re able to give them softer, greener options with artificial grass.”

Over 59 million square feet of synthetic turf was installed in North America in 2005. By 2009, that number had reached 124 million square feet.

What’s causing this growth? Lower maintenance costs, favorable environmental aspects and the want to have a perpetually green environment.

What has improved over the years? Better backings; durable yarns of varying lengths, colors and density. They wear a lot better than previous variations and it drains like the real stuff, too. Plus, fake grass comes with a warranty.

Backyard golf greens are now just a day away from being a reality. Practice putting and chipping without driving to the range or golf course. A custom green that meets your unique needs—from undulations to hole placement—is within reach both of time and budget.

“Whether you have the entire back yard at your disposal or just a
narrow strip between the fence and the pool,” Marco Gortana, Synthetic Grass Pros golf professional said, “We will help you plan your personalized green.”

Sand-based greens and shock pads cause the artificial greens to respond like your favorite course. Add a portable chipping mat and practice your short game from anywhere in the yard.

Interior designers are creating a “Zen-like spa feel” around backyard pools. By mixing synthetic landscape materials with hardscape, the end result is a cohesive blend of flagstone and artificial grass. It’s gorgeous, low-maintenance and just as beautiful after years of use as it was the day it was installed.

Side yards go from being eyesores to beautiful and functional. Useless tracts of lawn become dog runs. Schools, daycares, batting cages, indoor soccer facilities and more have discovered the benefits of artificial grass.

The Grass Queen