Today’s artificial turf is a wise choice

I think it’s interesting that artificial turf has been popular for much longer than many realize. In the early 1990s, artificial turf gained popularity in the arid Western states for athletic fields — and residential and commercial landscaping as well. Part of the growth in the use of artificial turf was because of the significant improvement in the quality and availability of artificial turf. Today, the selection is amazing – so many great choices to make in the style, texture and even color of artificial turf. The folks at Synthetic Grass Pros can show you a wide variety of artificial turf that will definitely please anyone – whether it’s for a front yard or for a commercial area. Not only does artificial turf look and feel just like natural grass –but there’s no expensive yard maintenance or water usage with artificial turf. And since we are facing one of the worst droughts in decades, installing artificial turf really is a great choice. The Grass Queen