Tough water restrictions to continue

According to a recent artical in The Dallas Morning News, in spite of the recent downpours in North Texas, the drought continues and outdoor watering restrictions are likely to worsen by summer. It’s a fact that North Texas faces a water shortage, and most area cities have outdoor watering restrictions in place. This situation will likely continue for many years to come — along with increased costs of using water. The newspaper reported, “The water supply is so precarious that the North Texas Municipal District has already mulled State 4 water restrictions that would essentially ban watering lawns and landscaping across portions of six counties and dozens of cities.” Does this mean no more lush green yards that we were once used to? Absolutely not if the homeowner or business selects natural looking, beautiful artificial turf. Artificial turf looks and feels like real grass and, in fact, is much better than natural grass because it stays green all year long and doesn’t require expensive maintenance, fertilizing and weeding. Artificial turf is the ideal choice for today’s homeowner and business in North Texas and beyond. The Grass Queen