Water restrictions may be permanent

I recently read that the Dallas City Council may make watering limit permanent. The twice-weekly restriction is already in place temporally because of last year’s drought. The mayors of Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth and Irving have expressed that they endorse the proposal as a permanent conservation measure. We all know that the recent rains have been a blessing for the area’s water supply, but it was noted that a twice weekly watering schedule will provide predictable expectations to customers for landscaping planning and will assure that the area has an adequate supply of water. With the chances of a continued drought combined with the hot area summers, it looks like a lot of yards are going to be brown instead of green. There is a simple solution to this challenge: artificial turf. Why would you want to replace your natural grass with artificial turf? Artificial turf remains green and beautiful all year long without using precious and expensive water. In no time at all, artificial turf pays for itself – while the lawn stays beautiful and compliments any home or commercial area where it has been installed. The Grass Queen