We need to get serious about water conservation

As we know, much of the country is facing a severe drought. In fact, this is the worst dry spell since the 1950s. And it doesn’t look like the drought will be over anytime soon. According to a recent newspaper article, the biggest drain on our limited water system is for landscaping. Experts say that in the next 50 years, North Texas will need an estimated $21 billion of new reservoirs and infrastructure to sustain the region’s water use. It’s time that we all get serious about water conservation. We all want a green and beautiful lawn, but that’s becoming less possible – and water is becoming more expensive. However, by installing artificial turf, you can have a beautiful lawn all year long – without using one drop of water. That’s one of the reasons you are going to see more homes and commercial areas installing beautiful, natural looking artificial turf. The Grass Queen