Summer Heat

Summer heat is here — and so is the drought.According to the National Drought Monitor, Texas has only 8 percent that is drought free. Most of the U.S. is near the drought level, with 75 percent in a modest drought or worse. It is going to take a lot of rain to end the drought.But there […]

What is the very best grass for parks and schools?

Artificial grass is becoming more popular for parks and schools because it is perfect for a wide variety of sports including baseball, softball, hockey and soccer. Synthetic Grass Pros’ playground artificial grass features a padded base underneath for a softer play area and also provides quick drainage for rain water. I’ve seen many commercial and […]

As the seasons change, so does your grass

Most regular grass looses green color during the fall and winter months. Of course. there is some necessary yard maintenance. Home and commercial owners continue to water their grass occasionally, some yard trimming is needed and there are always irritating winter weeds sprouting up. Thus, regular grass needs maintenance all year long — and that […]

There are a wide variety of artificial grass available today….it can be so confusing

So which artificial grass would be perfect for you? Let the professionals at Synthetic Grass Pros show you the many choices, colors and recommendations available. Their many years of experience make them leaders in the artificial grass industry. Their goal is for complete customer satisfaction — and that is so important these days. Artificial grass […]

A lot of people are concerned about saving water

Many areas are under water restrictions and a possible increase in water bills. No wonder why so many people have realized that one of the best ways to save water is to replace regular grass with beautiful artificial grass from Synthetic Grass Pros. This can reduce residential water use by up to 70 percent. Artificial […]

Why choose artificial grass?

I have heard many pleasant experiences from friends who have had artificial grass replace their regular grass. They say there is no longer the expense of watering, mowing or maintaining a yard of regular grass — and another benefit from having Synthetic Grass Pros install quality artificial grass is that it stays beauty and green […]

Green or brown? How is your yard?

Many are concerned this summertime of the year how they can maintain their yard green. So many I’ve noticed still have lush, green yards and it really adds a lot to their home value and neighborhood. I have asked how they do it, and they say their regular grass has been replaced with natural looking […]

During our hot summertime months, it is a challenge keeping yards green

And the hot dry summers certainly take a great deal of yard watering (much of it evaporates quickly, too.) Even though we had a fairly rainy Spring, I have just read in the Dallas paper that the North Texas areas are currently facing another drought. According to the Dallas News, most of Dallas County is […]

Here’s how to enjoy a beautiful lawn without the trouble and expense of costly ongoing maintenance

Two reasons why I highly recommend Synthetic Grass Pros: quality of artificial grass product and outstanding customer service. Synthetic Grass Pros are in the business of installing realistic and beautiful artificial grass for home lawns and commercial business areas. They offer a variety of lawn options, measure and install to your specifications, and once your […]

Better then regular grass? Yes it is!

Several friends of mine have commented about the great job Synthetic Grass Pros did for installing artificial grass in their front and back yard areas. It certainly is a great feeling to know that these areas don’t require the maintenance that regular grass demands — especially now during our hot and dry summer months. No […]